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  • First single and album you bought?
  • martinxyz

    I lied..looking back, it was Kool and the gang – lets go dancin.I remember buying it in Woolworths as it had the best looking cover (the choice was poor too)

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    album (I think)

    But blingbling’s choices are in my collection too and up there with the favourites.

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    Album; Lou Reed, New Sensations
    Single; Iron Maiden, Can I Play With Madness.


    Album – Blur, The Great Escape.
    Single – never ever bought a single in my life, seemed like a total waste of cash and made no financial sense.

    Havent bought myself a CD or any music for the best part of 5 years – I only own 10 or so, I get the odd one for xmas or birthdays but really I usually cant stand 70% of tracks on a CD (maybe a good reason to buy singles!?!).


    Singles [when I was a lad] made perfect financial sense

    pretty much like the downloads now, you don’t end up paying for padding & tracks you don’t want – besides I never had anywhere near enough cash to buy an album & nor did my mates
    I seem to recall a single cost 45p [9/-] which was pretty much all my pocket money for 1 week


    Dont get it – at least not when I was a youngun, CD singles were £6-7 and albums (with more tracks and usually 3 or 4 decent ones out of 12) were £12-14. How is a single financial sense? Where were you buying 45p singles?!

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    I would’ve thought he’s talking about vinyl singles. I remember them being about 30-40p


    Single – Rolf harris – Two Little Boys (I was only a Kid)

    Album – Black Sabbath – Paraniod

    Album was greenday – dookie
    Single not entirely sure


    Yeah – I’m talking vinyl
    early 70s – I may well have the cost wrong though

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    Rolf harris – Two Little Boys

    Quality! I was singing that to my boy just the other day. He thought the “broke off his horse’s head” line was hilarious!


    Not sure about the single, but I think

    Adam and The Ants – Kings Of The Wild Frontier was probably the first album.


    First and only single: Freestyler – Bonfunk MC’s

    First album….. cough Aqua…. cough cough…
    Second album made up for it however Jurassic 5 – Quality Control PHEW!


    First single I bought myself with my own money was Billy Bragg, Between the Wars

    First Album, Toyah, Toyah, Toyah, by…….. Toyah Wilcox


    First single – Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie.

    First Album – Madness – The Rise & Fall.

    Yellow Belly

    Single: Silver Machine, Hawkwind

    Album: If you Want Blood, AC/DC

    I was about 8yrs old when I bought these.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Album – Penthouse and Pavement / Heaven 17
    Single – Down Under / Men at Work

    Premier Icon wee-al

    A- Apetite for Destruction Gnr
    s- Da Luniz- I Got 5 On It Or Dre- Nothin But A G Thang (cant remember which was first)

    I remember hearing that Beddingfield woman on the radio one day when i was in my car. She was asked this Question to wit her answer, “Stevie Wonder, Music of my Mind”. I shouted ” you lying arsehole” so loud i nearly crashed. Every body knows early teenage girls buy Now or some nonsense. Anybody here still listen to their first albums for anything other than to reminisce?

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Single: Ben E King – Stand By Me (the Eighties re-release, not the original 🙄 )

    Album: Michael Jackson – Bad

    And a couple of other firsts

    CD: Jimi Hendrix Live at the BBC

    DVD: Stand By Me 😆


    Single. It’s one of three (I would need to check the dates)
    Either…Bad Manners – Can Can, Pigbag – Papas Got A Brand New Pigbag or DaDaDa by Trio.
    The first album I owned was Kings Of The Wild Frontier by Adam And The Ants but the first album I spent my own cash on was the followup, Prince Charming.


    first Single Madness – Baggy Trousers after listening to it on radio luxemburg whilst on a family holiday to france. their videos were always an event on TOTP and a talking point at school the next day. AND now they are playing in m y hometown of Romsey this summer!!!
    (wanted to buy games without frontiers by Peter Gabriel before that but my pocket money wouldn’t stretch to it)

    Album Madness – Absolutely


    album- ride a white swan – t rex

    single (ahem) ‘back home’ by the england football team

    and yes i was very young at the time


    Album: Actung Baby by U2 and on cassette which wore out-hiss…

    I never bought a single until Torn by Natalie Imbruglia as she was hot.

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    Single – Can’t remember, might have been some turtle-shaped picture disc by Art of Noise.
    Album – Either “Telekon” Gary Numan or “New Clear Days” The Vapors

    Premier Icon wee-al

    xc-steve Quality control almost forgives any previous purchase!


    jeez, some erm, quality stuff on there folks…… 🙂
    first ‘spot prize’ goes to metalheart for mentioning K-Tel!!! 8)


    Saved some pocket money and with the help of my mum

    First Single would have been much much later (I wasn’t really into singles) probably this as it was only available on single.

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