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  • Eating, drinking, listening etc
  • Premier Icon FoxyChick
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    MrFC currently cooking up a chicken balti
    Large G&T
    The crackle of a newly-lit fire

    Premier Icon ton
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    i love you fc, truly….

    chicken n king prawn with beansprouts, ribs, prawn crackers.

    coffee au lait

    bbc 6pm news

    Premier Icon FoxyChick
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    Premier Icon surfer
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    Grilled Salmon

    Fiddlers Elbow

    My daughter getting excited about Longleat Safari park!

    Premier Icon neilsonwheels
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    Beef and onion crisps

    Nowt but lining the stomach with the above in preparation for the good ship stella

    my daughter singing ( I use the term loosely) to pink.

    Premier Icon geoffj
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    A selection of deli specials from M & S
    Cold bottle of white
    The kids being wrestled to bed.

    Premier Icon colnagokid
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    Pink Floyd-The Division Bell

    Premier Icon pumper
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    Sweet chilli ryvita

    Premier Icon MrFC
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    Chicken curry done!
    Now Yates Best Cellar followed by Glenmorangie
    Kids wrecking front room!

    Premier Icon Ed2001
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    just finished king prawn balti
    cup of tea
    trentemoller The last resort

    Premier Icon Q
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    Prawns, Rocket, Chilli, Tagliatelle in about 10 mins.

    Was G&T then Cab Sav but a bit heavy, now Sauv Blanc. Bit pished to be honest.

    Kings of Leon on the jukebox at the mo. Tip top.

    Premier Icon RudeBoy
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    Just about to grab some cooking lager (Carlsberg).
    Going to sort out my tea; stuffed peppers (mincemeat, mushroom, mozzarella), rice and salad. Blueberries with Vanilla ice-cream for pud.
    BBC Radio London 94.9 Friday footy show.

    Premier Icon stuckinarut
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    Penultimate chunk of homemade guinness and beef pie, with mash and peas
    Whisky Mac
    British Sea Power – Open Season

    Premier Icon Hodge-Podge
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    Lemsip & Radio 4. I rock! 🙄

    Premier Icon xherbivorex
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    bowl of porridge
    ginger tea
    dinosaur jr

    Premier Icon racemonkey
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    Waiting for the lasagne to cook.
    The last shadow puppets

    Premier Icon Stoner
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    Some Vin de Pay Merlot from the Languedoc I brought back the other day from France

    Just had a plate full of bubble & squeak with bacon and egg.

    Think I’ll put some Elbow on while Mrs S and I pamper ourselves with a hot foot soak and a mutual foot rub 🙂

    Premier Icon dot
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    Bottle of Tyskie
    Chicken Rogan Josh later
    Radio 4
    (Buxton loop tomorrow hopefully)

    Premier Icon FoxyChick
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    Way too much info there Stoner! 😯

    Enjoy! 8)

    Premier Icon cheers_drive
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    Humous & carrots
    Chinese Democracy (Just got it, not a patch on Appetite for Destruction)

    Premier Icon Stoner
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    yer only jealous FC.

    Premier Icon Surfr
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    Fish and Chips from the chippy (celebrating a half stone lost in STW fatclub)

    First bottle of white (Chenin Blanc)

    Grand Designs on tv.

    Premier Icon miketually
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    ate a tomato, bacon, veg pasta thingy earlier
    drinking red wine later (whatever the wife bought today)
    listening to the washing machine spinning at 1300rpm

    Premier Icon neverfastenuff
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    Lamb Korma, Pilau, Kema Nan
    Reading my wifes Martina Cole book

    Premier Icon curtisthecat
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    leftover pasta with chorizo, peppers and tomato sauce
    BBC4 Seasick Steve documentary

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    some organic beer, also the Seasick Steve documentary very interesting.

    Premier Icon biscuitandpotato
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    Bottle of oxford landing and listening to stuff like this and this

    Premier Icon matthewjb
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    E – Pizza earlier
    D – Some South African Red from Oddbins
    L – Big Brother in the other room. I may put on some music…

    …aah that’s better

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager
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    Takeaway Jalfrezi earlier
    Dodgy Chilean red
    Online Bridge with the missus. Currently dummy whilst she’s negotiating a tricky 3NT.

    …Off 1 🙁

    Premier Icon billyboulders
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    Oooh haven’t done one of these in a while
    E – Battered onion rings (just been on a f’in freezin night ride and got a ride planned for tomorrow afternoon so I need the calories!)
    D – Cans of Red Stripe (6 for £5 in the offy down the road- wahey my fav. lager!)
    L – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (currently on “I won” ……I don’t know why it’s hard to get to sleep in my hooouse!-sorry specifically for Sundays fans that one!)

    Premier Icon 2tyred
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    mrs tyred’s ace chili for tea
    bottle of corona
    seasick steve on bbc4

    Premier Icon Coyote
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    Cheese and crackers
    Nice bottle(s) of Snecklifter
    Sia – Some People Have Real Problems

    Premier Icon bomberman
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    worcester sauce crisps
    chilli peppers- calafornication

    no burglars around tonite so won’t be owning anyone with bombers 😉

    Premier Icon metalheart
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    M&S sweet and sour chicken (it was just about edible…)
    Heineken (small can)
    Walkman (on shuffle) – currently the Minutemen

    Premier Icon Verbal-Kint
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    Lemon, Fennel and lemon chicken on spiral pasta
    A nice swiss wine
    Afro Celt Sound System

    Premier Icon Verbal-Kint
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    ooh, change that!! watching The Meaning of Life on ITV4

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