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    If it’s for winter, get one that easily fits some form of proper mudguards, SKS race-blades (the long version if you have any friends you want to remain friends with). It’s amazing how much of the wet they actually keep off you and 90% of the time you can shelter from a shower in a cafe, then go back out on the wet roads.

    Decathlon is the default response and for good reason. For £300 you will not get a better bike. With the extra cash you save over other entry models I would invest in a pair of mud guards, a pair of conti GP4000s’s and some good roadie winter clothing.

    The budget is either up to £500 ish for a second hander or I could go down the cycle to work route and get up to a £1000 brand spanker.

    Mud guards is a good point, I will look out for one that fits the SKS ones. Just normal guard eyelets is it?


    Race blades don’t need mounts, which is handy as many frames don’t have them.

    I just got my first road bike around a month ago, a Specialized Allez Sport for £725 (2014 ones are £750 with some downgraded parts, and the paint jobs aren’t as good, work that one out) works for me so far!

    I think race-blades will fit a normal frame without eyelets if there’s space, if you get one with eyelets and long drop brakes* you can fit full length chromoplastics.

    *or cantilevers, or disks

    Hello, I’m thinking of getting a road bike for this winter to try to keep up (Or carry on gaining) fitness over the winter months.

    I’ve always had mtbs and bmxs and would feel slightly wierd on a ‘droppy’ so would prefer a low key one.

    Recommend / abuse away. . .

    Does your allez sport fit the race blades ok Legend?

    It looks very tight on pictures


    Just bought my first road bike…Allez sport. Bought last years model (2013??) and I love it. My advice would be to try and stretch to the sport as the shifters on the lower model has thumb shifters on the hoods that will require you to keep switching from the drops to switch (advice given to me from Noah’s ark bike shop)


    Have one of the planet-x ultegra’s arriving thursday (through bike to work)

    not my first road bike, but my first for many many years. They are right up against the bike to work price limit though

    The ribble winter trainer/audax bikes have always been very good for reasonable cash (come with full guards etc, and available in aly, steel and carbon)


    I too have just got my first road bike,
    My original budget kept increasing till I eventually got one of These
    Was tempted to get a Defy, but the reviews and price of the TCR swayed me that way
    Have had for nearly a week and ridden it everyday, in my baggies though which doesn’t quite feel right and roadies still don’t acknowledge me
    Haven’t checked if any mudguards will fit it (hopefully there are some)

    my advice is go to a good shop and get fitted.


    stenhousemuir – Member
    Does your allez sport fit the race blades ok Legend?

    It looks very tight on pictures

    Dunno yet, going to order a set soon and have a go. I’ve seen them on other bikes with tight clearances so fingers crossed!

    Looks like it may just work:



    Alloy Giant Defy (model to suit budget, but 5 or 4) and full SKS mudguards. Comfortable race bike, excellent geometry, rack and mudguard eyelets. If you are riding through the winter, you can’t beat proper mudguards.

    TCR is a tight fit for proper mudguards, and does not have mounting eyelets. FOr a winter bike, I’d pick the defy every time (and I have one of each). If you want second hand, Giant SCR or OCR are similar to the Defy.

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