Finger pain due to cycling

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  • Finger pain due to cycling
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    My braking fingers, mostly around the joints

    anyone else, treatments, exercises etc? and yeah brake less!



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    I get this on prolonged downhills and tend to find the more I ride the less it hurts.

    Also, check you leavers are angled correctly, not to steep and not to shallow.


    Funny that, I’ve noticed that the main knuckle on my right forefinger has been painful lately. Was wondering if it was biking (braking) related, arthritis, or just pulled something playing with the children.

    Nothing useful to add, just wanted to share 🙂 I shall be watching this thread with interest.

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    check alignment, grips, gloves etc then maybe see a physio etc.


    Moved my brakes inside the shifters, so that I can brake with one finger (on each hand), and the pain from prolonged braking has reduced significantly.
    Might be worth a try – if you haven’t already done so.

    started a thread on this (see history). shallower angles on brake (ie tilt them up), thick grips, wider bar and most importantly put the brakes inside the gear shifters so you can only reach them with one finger…. took me ages but getting there…

    Or give those grips from Ergon a try.

    I swear by the ergon grips, had some for 7 years now and never have any problems. prior to that any long ride would leave me in pain – have arthritis in a few of my fingers (from my other extreme hobby – knitting! ). I can even ride happily when my finger are sore with those grips – position is everything though so make sure the hand is supported keeping the wrist as straight as possible.

    looking at getting a cyclocross bike – and slightly worried problems may come back ith the change of position, but only by one way to find out.


    I get this on the road bike. I think mainly because when I’m on the hoods I have to pull/push my fingers downwards towards the floor, rather than gripping them back into my hand.

    Then of course it transfers to every other bike. But having the levers set out from the grips a little so you have a good easy leverage helps, as does a good sweep in the bars I find (again I think it encourages more of a natural gripping motion rather than pulling fingers to the side).

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