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  • mudshark

    Further to the thread on income I wonder what people choose to spend their money on.

    I don’t travel as much as I perhaps should but want to change that, my smallish car (Puma) is worth £2k to £3k. Most my money went on my house – needed to spend quite a bit as wanted to be close to the Surrey Hills. I don’t yet have kids.


    food £100 a week ish
    about £800 a month on mortgage,bills etc
    and a bit left over

    Too much on things I don’t really need.

    Not enough left for things I really want.


    You spend £1200 a month on food and bills!? Blimey. No wonder all these people earning big salaries still say they are skint.

    My main expenditure is at the moment mortgage followed by bike stuff pretty much.

    £12000 sounds about average, if not a lttle under average.


    i emphasise on the BIT left over! 🙁


    I would say I probably spend around half that, maybe a little more, on food and bills, and that includes a mortgage and running a car. I do share the cost with my gf though.


    it will come down, £150 when i pay the loan for the car off, and i suppose i could buy smart price crap, but i prefer to eat decent grub.


    Hookers, drugs and booze. The rest I just waste.


    I was more interested in what you choose to spend your money on – so if you enjoy food then you may spend more on that than you need to. I am more interested in living in an area that appeals to me, in a house that is better than I need, than have a desirable car. I see lots of nicer cars than mine in council estates!


    I agree about not buying crap food, – though some of the cheapo basic stuff is fine.

    Split 4 ways between house, food, booze, stuff


    spend around £1600 on mortgage, school fees, etc and my sister and I pay my mums mortgage too. But that £1500 is between my wife and I who earns roughly the same as me. Save a bit and spend the rest on holidays, fun and no.1 son. New kitchen to be paid for tomorrow then we’re redoing the bathrooms.

    Oh and my Rapha habit costs a bit 😉


    Most of mine goes on the rent, bills and car fuel. Same as most people. Looking forwrd to my other half moving in so we can and it’ll be nice that we can share the rent/bills 😀

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Combining my salary and the wife’s

    25% goes on the mortgage
    5% on council tax
    8% on a bank loan
    10%-ish on direct debits for mobiles, broadband, gym membership, Sky TV and TV licence

    Leaves us with about 50% of our take home salary for personal expenditure, food and savings.

    At the minute I only spend £600 a month on essentials (and I eat like a king; it’s all about being smart, buying fresh and not being a snob-check the ingredients of smart price vs branded… smart price is usually healthier. Make large meals so left-overs do lunch the next day etc etc), leaving a healthy chunk for fun and saving. Once the new house purchase completes I’ll be spending more like £900 on essentials.

    My spare cash goes on petrol for hobbies, kit for hobbies, savings and eating out (about £100/month on eating out).

    I ask myself the title of this topic every month….

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I wish my outgoings were as low as £1.2k per month including mortgage, food and bills!

    Never budget, prefer to waste my time on MTB forums I guess. 😳

    Do make informed buying decisions and am naturally a bit tight though, so haven’t ever felt need to.

    £3,478.96 a month on hookers and booze


    captain that sounds like money well spent.

    £500 to the c**t landlord, for a room in the s***hole that is Reading
    £150 supermarkets
    £80 “shopping” (clothes etc)
    £150 beer/taxi/food etc
    £500 saving (supposedly, often ends in the above two categories)
    £100 travel (bus tickets, train fares etc)

    Waiting to see if i get sent on assignment some time soon, massive pay rise and little expences (appart from being paid in pounds which are worth sweet FA at the moment).

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Captain is that one at the circa £3.5k or lots at £8.96? 😆 Tescos finest or the value range?

    I’m more of a Waitrose calibre of chap, Sandwich.

    I wonder what people choose to spend their money on.

    saving the ass of all those f”ckers who borrowed more than they could ever afford, and the asses of all those f@ckers who lent them the cash in the first place, it would seem by the way interest rates have been destroyed.

    of course i don’t have a choice in that outlay!


    I seem to have throw a fair bit away on the stockmarket

    gavtheoldskater, you forgot to include “all the lazy workshy dole monkey spongers” in that rant as well, just for balance, loik….

    Premier Icon glenh

    £1500 on mortgage, bills etc.
    £200 on pension
    £little bit on fun (hookers booze bikes etc).

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    approx £2k on bills and food each month, have roughly £2.5k between missus and me to play with, which is nice.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I haven’t a clue. Ask my wife; I suspect she may be the major outlay.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Mortgage, food, bills, stuff I want

    Mrs Feet has been known to say to me on occasion ‘why do we need that?’. I helpfully point out that she is confusing ‘need’ with me wanting something.


    Ha! I’m often correcting my wife’s use of the word ‘need’! How many boots does one woman need? She usually just brings up my bikes in response so we never get anywhere….


    Most of my income goes on bike kit and bike related activity (travelling to races/rides etc). Each one of my bikes is worth more than both vehicles of the household put together.

    My kids are still reasonably cheap to run and I view day to day food as simply fuel so I don’t spend much on that although I do like to splurge on nice/expensive food now and again. I also have a clothes and shoes habit that I’m trying to curtail.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    After putting aside 15% pension, having a place to live (with heat, light and hot water), food on the table, bicycles, rail fares and clothing I have a bit spare.

    I guess I cut corners on cars (ain’t got one), electricals, entertainment (Freeview and radio mostly), holidays (UK camping) and casual clothing.

    I spend a lot on the house, and pretty much what I feel like on:

    Food and drink
    Reading matter



    Mortgage £640
    Life Insurance £45
    Other Insurance £115
    Water, leccy, Rates £260
    Sky £60
    Car £200
    Pension £150
    Childcare £285
    Clearner £100
    Food/Fuel £600


    But we have £1500 left over after all this has gone out.


    Own a small 2 bed end of terrace in a lovely area, is ample for our needs, don’t have children rarely have anyone to stay! It has a garage for the 5 push bikes and 2 motor bikes! mortgage is well within our means, rest goes on MTB/motor bike bits! But to be honest most of my fun money goes towards holidays, have 2 a year. Normally winter snowboarding and summer downhilling in Morzine!!

    Other friends whinge at us that we have so much money but neither me nor other half spend much on clothes, magazines or general crap we just aren’t those sorts of people!!


    House first and foremost. After that food and fuel. Then savings, then fun.

    Gotta think of the future…

    MTG £140
    Bills £90
    Council £80
    Pension £86
    INsurance’s £45
    Fuel £75
    Food £140

    Overpay my mtg with whats left each month,



    #1 – roof over your head. Pay the rent/mortgage before you pay anything else
    #2 – food. You have to eat
    #3 – heating. Life is pretty miserable when you can’t afford to keep warm
    #4 – getting to work. If you can’t afford to get to work, then you’re up the creek.
    #5 – everything else

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