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  • Feeling full of goodwill and generosity?
  • Tracker1972

    Currently I am riding this

    but would love to move on to this.
    I would like to make it clear that you will not simply buying me a bike (a medium, thanks) that will help my recovery from an injury (well, sore back) but you will also be saving yourself time and enriching your life.
    How? I hear you ask.
    Not only will I send you on bike footage from my first 10 (yes, 10!) rides but the bike will send you…
    A christmas card every year.
    A birthday card every year.
    Postcards from all it’s holidays.
    AND you will get the pedals to keep, FREE!

    What do you think? Go on, get that warm glow from a generous act and make both of our new years ones to remember.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    I wouldn’t be riding that too far with that rear tyre…


    Do you know you’ve got a puncture?

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Have some air for free (as a gift from me) for the rear tyre and you will see a huge difference.

    Do I get cards now?


    The bike is at the end of a particularly tiring C2C ride with a puncture a few miles out, tube replaced and tire checked but must have missed something, recurred, re-inflated and finished last 200 meters with it rapidly fading.

    Sorry cheesy but I was leant the tyres with no air so gave them back without any, I had to suck up that expense.


    Hmmm, just had a look at that RSS “photostream” on a PC, not as nice as I would hope, and Chrome just doesn’t like it at all. Will try this version instead I think.

    I have just been asked at I would get for my bike if I sold it, as if having only the one would be satisfactory 😯

    You can see what I am up against, please help!

    (am guessing a mildly upgraded, year old, Carrera Fury would not buy a new Pitch Pro)


    I can’t quite tell if this is actual begging (which there has been a fair bit of on STW in the past) or something tongue in cheek.

    If your bike had been stolen then I might have thrown a few spare bike parts your way but you have a bike, which seems to provide you with some enjoyment.

    Stop being a pikey and keep riding the Carrera until you have saved up enough to buy something else.


    Not actual begging, no, more boredom and yes, tongue in cheek hence the introduction to the bike I am riding (although I do have a sore back at the moment and am tempted to invest in a Thudbuster) but I was sat here thinking, “mmmmmm, I really fancy that, and it is a huge bargain” then a grin spread across my face and I started to type.

    That said, if anyone did buy it for me I would keep my end of the bargain, cheeky? Maybe, con artist? No!
    The saving up is happening and have actually got a little bundle stashed away. My fiancee, who has helped save the money, may be a little “dissapointed” though if I spent any of it on a bike and not this summers wedding 🙂


    I could loan you something, but it would probably fall to bits at the first hurdle 😳

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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