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  • Favourite live album/CD?
  • lobby_dosser

    Neil Young & Nirvana unplugged.
    Talking Heads Stop Making sense and the name of this band.


    Elbow – Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road. The BBC Concert Orchestra erally add to it

    Also, another vote for Metallica – S&M


    +1 for nirvana unplugged
    "im a liar and a theeeeeeeiffffffff!"


    AC/DC – Live at the atlantic recording studios (part of the bonfire box set)

    Van Morrison – its too late to stop now. incredible, sounds like a studio performance. note perfect…

    Premier Icon guido

    Underworld: Everything, Everything.


    +1 for Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore & Rory Gallagher Irish Tour.
    Also Rory Gallagher 'Live in Europe', Stevie Ray Vaughan 'Live Alive' & the live bits of Cream 'Disrali Gears' & Santana 'Moonflower"……………Oldies but goodies

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    Shack – Member
    Van Morrison – A Night in San Fransisco. Played endlessy for far too many years.

    Hey, what about "It's Too Late To Stop Now" ? Van doing what Van does best – full of angst and emotion. Can't believe it's from 1974 – the year that I first saw Van live 8)

    Mr Woppit

    Van Morrison – its too late to stop now. incredible, sounds like a studio performance. note perfect…

    "Turn it on!"

    ….."It's already turned on…"


    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Same here 8)


    another vote for "Too late to stop now" can't get enough of it sometimes, incredible band

    always enjoyed AC/DC "if you want blood" as a yoof – with the "single entendre" version of "The JacK"

    The Bob Dylan "Live at the Albert Hall" (actually recorded in Manchester Free Trade Hall) bootleg thing is amazing

    CD 1 = solo acoustic and polite clapping

    CD2 = electric with "The Band" as his backing group , booing audience

    nob in audience -"Judas'"

    Bob "Your a Liar" (to the rest of the band) "Play it loud"

    Robbie Robertson and the rest of the band strike up "Like a Rolling Stone"

    amazing amazing amazing

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Muse's "Hullabaloo" album, live from Paris… Though they did mess up the CD release a bit and missed out some tracks, the DVD is pretty incredible, I've never seen a live show captured so well. That's more down to the production than the gig but luckily the shows were also fantastic.

    Also, the Wildhearts "Greetings" bootleg, not really a live album, but a tape/CD that did the rounds in about 1996… every Wildhearts fan in the world has it though :mrgreen: 2 of the best performances I've ever heard (Reading and Donington 1994) from one of the best bands I've ever seen. Sound of the summer…

    Premier Icon NZCol

    +1 for Elbow – great arrangements and just bluddy good music.

Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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