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  • dyls

    Probably not working, have you tried using just the usb cable. I’ve had issues before with exposure chargers where they have had to be replaced.

    Had a bit of a flap this morning so had to bring the charger into work to charge the batteries for the exposure flash and flare lights. However there is no light on the charger itself to indicate that it is charging. I have tried three different sockets, checking the cable is in properly, taking the batteries out and putting them back in again. In the end I have left it plugged in but what is the likelyhood that it is charging?

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    OP is talking about the RCR123A charger not the regular charger that plugs directly into e.g. MaxxD or Joystick lights. Can’t help you though, mine does have a light on it (it’s on the front just above the batteries and goes red when charging).

    Just tried the batteries in the lights – seem to be working. Maybe its just the charger light that has broken. I shall try to get a new one.

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    I put my Flash and Flare in to charge on Saturday. Initially the light blinked red/green. After a few minutes there was a loud pop, the light went out and there was a whiff of magic smoke.

    According to the instructions the light blinks red/green while charging and stays green once the batteries are charged. So I’d say your charger is probably broken, like mine.

    Mine is 3 months old and that was only its second use so when I get through to Exposure’s service department hopefully I can get it replaced under warranty.

    When I bought mine in August it did display red or green lights when charging or charged. Now it shows no light yet it does seem to have charged the batteries.


    It’s the charger, mine did exactly the same, worked out the box then never again. Took it back to the shop and they swapped it. The chargers do feel a bit cheap, compared to the lights which are awesome for commuting, had other riders stop and ask what they were.

    There’s an exposure helpline number on a slip of paper in the box.


    According to the leaflet in mine

    1. Connect the cord to the AC power outlet. The LED will not light until batteries are inserted.
    2. Put one or two batteries in the charger ports, if charging one cell use the left port.
    3. After putting the batteries into the charger the gree/red LED will indicate charging.
    4. When the charger has finished the charging cycle, the light on the charger will go out. Batteries are now fully charged and ready to use.”

    My charger, 6 months old used lots, does exactly that, goes out when they’re done. Could yours be charged?


    I did wonder that myself, but the lights had been used for a good 5+ hours.

    sounds broke to me…..even after 1 hours use last night i charged mine again this morning and it indicated charging red led, it only took about 50 mins if that to go out though…

    ive had bang pop happen to me before (charger exploding i guess) sent back to exposure and they sent me a new one free of charge…

    in fact that was the time id ever used the charger! this new one has been faultless on so far..

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    My Joystick charger had a loose connection from new, I took it apart myself and where the cable goes into the unit it was so tight it had ripped the sheating and it was shorting. Inside the charger it was a bit of a horrorshow, the glue used to close the unit was all over the components on the board and it had caused corrosion on terminals somehow.


    Just when I need the lights I’ve had similar problems with 2 chargers and 4 batteries. There seems to be no logic to the lights on the chargers or the likelihood of the batteries being charged. Ive emailed exposure to see if they can advise but from the look of these posts my chargers have had it.What a pity exposer cant do better when the lights are so good.

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