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  • I wanted to give a bit of support and raise awareness of a great organisation I have the joy of working with.

    I support people following serious injury and been able to help a few of my clients get back out riding in the countryside thanks to these guys.

    Craig and co at EC have a huge stock of handcycles, off road wheelchairs and carts. There expertise has helped one of my clients cycle a 5km triathlon section with just his left arm. They also have electric assist handcycles for tetraplegics with limited arm function.

    They are a not for profit organisation that puts any moneys made into a mapping project that enables people to truly see how accessible off road routes are, before they embark on a route.

    Experience Community are based near Huddersfield but organise trips all over the place (They are just planning to organise a trip to spain). As a fund raiser some of the staff and clients are handcycing the Haidrians wall coast to coast route soon to raise money for a trailer.

    The trailer is vital for them to move more cycles to events.

    Please take a look at their just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/experiencecommunitycic?utm_term=z4D3jvB9Y

    More details of the work they do can be found here


    They are always looking for volunteers and happy to welcome along anyone who may be interested in trying a handcycles etc. They have a vast experience with Spinal cord injuries and increasingly with amputees

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    I’ll second all the great work EC do – It would be great to support them to be able to go further afield and assist many more folks have a go and then get into cycling 🙂

    I know they are working on projects in Wales and also looking at Scotland. Craig is always up to discuss options too so if there’s enough interest in an area they’d look into organising something.

    The Spanish trips sound promising too, they’d transport equipment down by road allowing people to fly down without the worry of logistics.

    Experience Community CIC Facebook page
    And here’s another link showing the work they do – easier to navigate

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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