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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    My 16ltr Nomad is about spot on, and allows me to cram in a few luxuries now and again like camera stuff.

    The weight of the actual bag between 10l and 16l isn’t really going to be massive so why not go for the bigger anyway and have the option innit..


    I’ve got the 16l and really rate it. Even when not full it doesn’t feel bulky but will happily swallow a tube, few tools badly packed jacket, sarnies, wallet. Keys, phone and still have space left.

    It’s comfy and seems to be wearing really well.

    Premier Icon mccraque

    been unable to find one of these in the flesh but liking the look of the design and thinking of taking the plunge.

    will probably want to carry 2 or 3l bladder…. perhaps a jacket and a few tools, tube.

    will 10l do it? Will 16 be way too big!



    Can get all that in my 10L and strap my poc armour in the helmet carrier too.

    Rogan Josh

    I have a 10l osprey and it’s always jammed full so need to get rid and get a 16-20, 10s fill up very quick.

    Have a 16l Enduro one, seemed MASSIVE when it comes out of the box, my first impulse was “this is going back”.

    Been using it since, delighted with the fit, comfort, and nice to have the protection too

    I have a 10L version, using it for everything I used my old MULE for. 3L bladder, jacket, tools etc and feels better on (lower profile) than my old MULE. Nice packs.

    Premier Icon manmurray

    Another 16L Enduro here – as honourablegeorge says thought it looked mahoosive at first, but fits well and air flow on the back is pretty good. Nice to have room to carry munchies/gopro/extra layer/spares without it being full to bursting.

    Back protector’s handy, don’t like the thought of landing on me back with a camera/tools in the bag with nothing to protect me…

    Using a 10L Evoc & its fantastic, all your bits & bobs will fit.

    Use mine 99% of the time for Trail riding & find it spot on.

    I switched from a Dakine Nomad that was brilliant, but too big.

    Van Halen

    just got the 16l. comfortable and big enough. not too bulky. big enough for me to use on commute and filling up with laptop/clothes etc which is why i got it. will use it as my main day bag as loads of space for folding spade, saw etc.

    Thinking about one of these myself. Anyone know how either compares in real world capacity to a Camelbak Scudo (which I think is the same size as a Mule, just with lighter fabrics)? Proper back protection is looking appealing after spending two weeks in pain after landing on mine…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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