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  • Elfinsafety

    I took an innertube what had failed and split along a seam back, to be told by some spotty youth that I haddunt installed it properly, and that they could give me instructions in how to do it right. Whilst smirking at his equally feckless colleagues. I lobbed the faulty tube at him. Maybe he repaired it and installed it correctly pon his own bicycle.

    Mind you, my local Evans (CW) is very good. One feller hunted around for a rear mech hanger for me, even though his shift had finished. They also gave me a Cat Eye light bracket for free, even though I haddunt spent owt there.

    Went in the one in Shaftesbury Avenue recently; no-one on shop floor, staff having a laugh with each other in the back. None bothered to come out to serve anyone. Shooduv nicked some stuff out of there tbh. Wasted opportunity.

    Premier Icon akira

    Ah CW, good days with the spaghetti cowboy, Frenchie and Zorba the Greek.
    If someone does treat you bad in an Evans then mention it, these things don’t get sorted out unless it gets pointed out. Hate it when I spend all day doing the customer service thing and then someone else is coasting through their shift.

    Premier Icon p7rich

    Just been to Evans to exchange some Endura undershorts whos stitching had begun undoing after only c. 6 weeks.

    Maybe he was having a bad day/hungover/whatever but…i cannot recall ever been treated with such apparent contempt in a shop! I know I shouldn’t expect much more but I had to share.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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