Eurostar – Multitool and screwdriver allowed?

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  • Eurostar – Multitool and screwdriver allowed?
  • Anyone who uses it a lot care to comment?

    I am in London and have just found out I need to go to Paris tomorrow so have booked the Eurostar. However, I have a multi-tool which includes a small blade and a screwdriver with me. I doubt I will need then in France, but I need them when I get back and its a long way home to drop them off.

    Looking at the Eurostar website on this it has two bits that seem pertinent;

    In prohibited items it says; Folding/lock pocket knives are also banned. Small folding pocket knives with blades under 75mm without a locking mechanism are the exception and are permitted

    So I think I am OK on that one.

    However, in the restricted section it lists; DIY tools such as screwdrivers, drills and hammers.

    So I am now thinking that I cant take them. I don’t want to lose either as they have been with me a long time and I would like to keep it that way. There is an email address to contact which I am going to use, but I would appreciate any real world experience if you have it.


    Email sent and an auto response received saying they should respond within two days …. I leave in about 12 hours….

    Premier Icon seadog101

    I’d say don’t risk it. Not A Eurostar traveller, but obviously they are close to flying when it comes to security.

    The staff will have their own interests at heart, if they let you through and it’s subsequently found they will be in bother.

    I had toe nail clippers removed at an airport recently, it was a cutting tool over a certain length… FFS. I said I’d been through the exact same security many times with the same item and was told that other staff could have found themselves in bother for that.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    If you don’t need this stuff in France is there a left luggage facility at the station?

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    I once had this at Luton.

    I used the multitool to unscrew itself and remove the screwdriver blades, which I handed over, and kept the hex wrench and chain breaker.

    Or do as my son did and post it to yourself and have it get lost in the post.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    The times I’ve used Eurostar I’ve just been waved on through with nary a second glance. That was in the car though, and in less brexity times.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    If you don’t need this stuff in France is there a left luggage facility at the station?

    Or ask nicely at the hotel where you’re presumably staying currently?

    Left luggage at the hotel where I am staying is an option…except I am not returning here and don’t have a ‘spare’ bag to leave behind. However, it is seriously close to the Eurostar so maybe I can leave a carrier bag with dirty clothes and my multitool behind 😀

    My last two trips were out and back in a day so I just left this sort of stuff behind, but I don’t remember any airport style security….

    @seadog101 – A colleague had a silver cigar trimmer (family heirloom) confiscated at Heathrow 😀

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    That was in the car though

    that would not be Eurostar then!

    Suspect you’d be OK but never taken one through myself! Hammers, screwdrivers etc are obvious weapons whereas a folding multi-tool is not… if they let a <75mm folding blade through a small folding screwdriver should be fine?


    I travel on Eurostar quite a lot and I’d be surprised if your multitool got confiscated(*). Trying to think of anything similar I’ve carried, and I can’t but still … It’s not like an airport – you can carry liquids for example.

    (* your own risk and all that )

    Thanks DrJ
    Thats the kind of real world experience I was hoping to get.
    If they get confiscated then fine. I am not trying to prove anything.
    I will try the ‘hotel’ first and then hope for the best.

    Obviously I have taken note of the * 🙂


    OP I think your best option is…

    Premier Icon celticdragon

    Personal experience. The uk customs didn’t bat an eyelid at mine on the way out or my co2 canisters. On the way back, Belgium customs took the co2 off me, and were actively taking any blades off people down to the smallest Swiss Army knife, despite the guides saying anything Uk EDC legal was ok (sub 3 inch non locking).

    Thankful the overlooked my Leathermans or I’d have been very upset. I’ve since bought one specifically for travel with the bike that fits in my seat tube!

    I’d not risk it.


    Post it home ?

    Well, it all made it to Paris without any issues.

    Tomorrow I get to see if it all goes home with me…..

    Premier Icon Daffy

    I’ve never had a problem with pocket knives on the Eurostar. I usually have one in my hold luggage for air travel and have several times returned via the Eurostar without problems.

    and safely back in the UK 🙂

    Premier Icon Watty

    A happy ending 👍

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