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  • sparrowcar

    Hi all,

    Long time lurker but new member from today. I raced XC in my teens and early 20’s and got back into biking about 3 years ago, I’m 36 in March. Started off with a Cube hardtail and now I’m bouncing on a 2013 Canyon Nerve AL+.

    I have a collection of tyres and I’m not sure which ones to use for the upcoming gravity enduro series in Ireland.

    Which would you choose for front and back from the following.

    2 x 2.4 Conti mountain king II black chilli protection ( came on bike )
    2 x 2.1 Kenda small block 8’s
    1 x 2.35 Maxxix high roller II
    1 x 2.5 Maxxis minion DH

    I don’t exactly fancy buying new tyres but will if I have too. I use the Kenda’s for touring with the lady during the summer. The maxxis were minion front and HR rear for Rostrevor DH tracks and I have not used the Conti’s yet as I took them off the day the bike arrived.

    Any opinions front and rear from these or your ideal tyre for our type of climate?



    Premier Icon stevied

    I run a 2.5″ minion and 2.3″ HR2 on my bike and they work very nicely together.
    Welcome to the madhouse 😉

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    If irish gravity enduro follows the mainland trend, expect mud- purpose-built/natural/unsurfaced trails that start out slippy then fall apart as the weekend goes on. So not small blocks! And probably not the MKs either.

    Minion and highroller for me. Though I’d want to lay in a full mud tyre too, Conti’s baron is kinda ubiquitous on the scottish scene.

    Disclaimer: I am slow and shit 😉 But I can never blame the tyres!


    Consider the terrain

    Premier Icon Simon

    Out of those, minion front, high roller rear.

    Minion front, High Roller rear. And if it ever gets properly dry and it’s a more pedally course or you’re not worried about rear braking grip on the steeps, swap the High Roller for the X-King on the back.


    Thanks very much for the welcome and advice so far.
    I felt the minion and HR would be overkill for an enduro course but maybe I’m already on the right path with them.

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