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  • A pair have just arrived in the post and they look good but the clip and adjustment buckle thing on the shoulder straps look like they are big enough to dig in with base layers over the top and/or due to a camelbak

    Do people find this is the case when used on the bike??

    I have found them a bit of a problem with my camelback. They can pinch the skin now and again.
    I loosened them off a bit and now they occasionally slip of my shoulder. Can’t win!



    I’ve a pair; buckle does seem big but never been a problem/never even noticed it once out riding.

    I wear them next to the skin with no base layer. I just make sure I don’t get nipple rub!
    ( honest!!!!!!)


    loosen them off a little and put the straps over your head so that they cross over(left strap over your head and right strap over head) they wont fall off and it feels fine. i didnt do this on a 3 hour ride on sunday and they stayed put and were quite loose. camelbac straps didnt bother me by pressing them into me but they have done in the past. once adjusted, everything should be fine.

    I’ve taken them off the two pairs of bibtights I have, and re-stitched them as unadjustable loops. Much more comfortable.

    The clips are an unnecessary design IMO. If you need a pee then just lean forward and away you go. As for anything else… how often does that happen out on a ride?


    slight annoyance but the fact that they are uber toasty makes up for it.

    with a small amount of phaffing, I found that the problematic big plastic buckle on the back just keeps the loose end captive and so can be taken off. They seem much better now as the front clip is very low profile and dosn’t look like it will dig in, plus they are still adjustable.

    Sorted (I hope, if not they’ll be getting stiched by mrs papa_lazarou)

    cheers for the tips form those above and I hope mine helps with yours.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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