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  • Endomondo is retiring: What are you replacing it with?
  • Premier Icon GrahamS
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    After years of poorly supporting it, UnderArmour have decided to officially pull the plug on Endomondo 😒

    A slightly odd decision given that these stats suggest it was doing significantly better than their other fitness apps but maybe not many coughed up for the paid version?

    Their official policy is that users should move to MapMyRun, which seems similar but obviously more run-focussed rather than multi-sport like Endo, but I’m wondering if this is a good time to jump ship to something else?

    Any thoughts?

    Strava is the obvious choice but I hear they have removed support for heart-rate monitors which is crap.

    My requirements are:
    – multi-sport (running, cycling, climbing, kayaking, snow etc)
    – GPS tracking on phone, not requiring separate GPS device (I need to carry my phone anyway so it may as well do the tracking).
    – Bluetooth heart rate monitor support with heart zone analysis
    – tracking of personal bests, monthly stats, etc
    – desktop website interface
    – MyFitnessPal integration

    Nice to have:
    – audio coach
    – live tracking

    Premier Icon ChipkoAndolan
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    I bought a second hand (but with all the bits and in good nick) Edge 520 from eBay for a good price, initially for all day/multi-day rides which would have thrashed my mobile phone battery but I’ve continued to use it for shorter rides. It turns out that the Garmin app, which is reliant on you recording via a Garmin device, is pretty good; after the device price it’s free and it has many functions.

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    Yeah I have had some exposure to the Garmin side, because I wear a Garmin vivofit step counter (free from work). It’s okay but I’d prefer to just use my phone for tracking rather than buy and carry more unnecessary electronics, as I always carry my phone anyway for family issues.

    Also I like that phones support live tracking and upload automatically.

    Premier Icon frogstomp
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    they have removed support for heart-rate monitors

    Don’t call it a comeback..

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    Lots of unhappy users on the Facebook announcement too.

    Seems a strange move by Under Armour. My bet is that their MapMy* apps are some UA exec’s pet project and they were annoyed that Endomondo was doing better.

    Premier Icon mmannerr
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    ’d prefer to just use my phone for tracking rather than buy and carry more unnecessary electronics, as I always carry my phone anyway for family issues.

    This is slightly odd logic to me, personally I use GPS watch just because my phone might be needed for more important matters..

    Premier Icon dashed
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    Haven’t UnderArmour just sold all their Apps to a venture capitalist group? Could explain the decision.

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    I use GPS watch just because my phone might be needed for more important matters

    If I’m out running then I’m only out for 45 mins or so. I have the phone with me in case the kids need me etc, plus the phone is providing my music/podcast + CouchTo5K or audio coach. Battery drain is usually just a couple of percent so no big issue there.

    Same goes for bike rides that are only a couple of hours where it is just sat in the chest strap of my pack quietly recording the ride.

    Longer all-day rides are a vanishing rarity these days, but in the past I had the phone in a bar mount connected to a battery in a top tube bag. That way I could use it all day for tracking and navigation and still have 100% battery.

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    Haven’t UnderArmour just sold all their Apps to a venture capitalist group?

    I hadn’t heard that. I know they sold off MyFitnessPal, but they said they were keeping MapMy.* going

    Premier Icon papamountain
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    Damn. I liked a few features of it but also liked some strava stuff (before they made you pay to see sector times etc) I recorded on endomondo and exported the gpx to strava to get best of both.

    I guess it will just be strava now…

    Premier Icon wzzzz
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    MapMy* are the worst apps in the history of app stores.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    I went through all of these and my favourite was Runkeeper, but that was forever ago now and things may have changed significantly since I last looked at them. Worth a look though.

    Premier Icon cookeaa
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    I’m afraid I only briefly tried Endomondo some years ago after ‘sportstracker’ (the first app I used for gps tracking running/riding) looked like the support might become a bit shaky, not long after Strava reared it’s ugly head and I migrated straight to that (like every other mug)…

    I didn’t know Strava had stopped HRM support on the phone app, when I first picked it up I was able to use a BT HRM and later I had an ANT+ HRM that could talk to my old phone. eventually I ended up with a garmin device or four so I’d missed this change… I wonder if they were leant on by the likes of Garmin to make the app a bit less useful in order to nudge users towards buying more toys?

    Anyway aside from that HRM issue Strava would meet all your basic requirements OP…

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    Good Thing: Looks like Strava have started supporting Heart Rate Monitors again so I’ve moved to that. Did my first run with it yesterday and it worked with my CooSpo HRM connected to my iPhone SE just fine.

    Bad Thing: I’m trying to copy my workout history from Endomondo to Strava using tapiriik but it has been sat at the “Queueing” stage for a day now. Looking at the GitHub issues this seems to be a common problem 🙁 Hopefully it is just a bit overwhelmed with everyone trying to migrate from Endomondo.

    Premier Icon Trailseeker
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    Anyone tried this?

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    MapMyRide is an UnderArmour app – it is one of the MapMy* apps that they shafted Endomondo for.

    I’ve not heard good things (including comments above) and I’m not touching it on principle.

    Premier Icon lovewookie
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    Its a shame about endomondo, I’ve been using it since the days of sportracker on Nokia’s Symbian OS. moved to strava sortof, but don’t really like it for logging. I find the leaderboard stuff a little bit of a distracting rabbit hole, but the comparing sections to your previous rides is nice.

    Used to use, and paid for endomondo, synced to strava, so I have rides on both platforms.
    Endomondo stopped ANT support and gradually introduced another payment level, in addition to the free and paid app, which killed it for me so moved to strava.

    Then I got a garmin so I’ve been using garmin’s app, linked to strava, which then syncs to endomondo using the syncmytracks android app, which then allows me to use relive if i need to, as that’s a nice visual.

    back at the beginning, sportacker was the track your ride app, and mapmyride was the plan my ride app. suppose integrating them both was the thin to do, but it should really have been a merge and upgrade both apps to one, rather than squeeze endomondo until it’s dry.

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