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    And they look better

    Well, that’s me convinced. They may be high maintenance and prone to suddenly falling apart, but as long as they look nice…


    And they look better

    And therefore must meet the only important criteria for any non self respecting STW’er.


    Eggbeaters ae the only pedals I’ve actually seen fail during a ride, which put me off them despite the light weight.

    I’ve been using 520’s for years on nearly all my bikes and struggle to see why you’d pay more for pedals.


    I’m a Crank Bros aficionado and have had very mixed results.

    My Mallets are thriving after five years and only one service in that time. Their predecessors only survived nine months before they bit the dust however!

    I’ve also got a set of Candys which have developed an annoying creak, but the nut holding the axle just turns on the thread and doesn’t loosen.

    here’s my tuppence worth…

    Riding pair of stainless mk1 beaters for 7yrs without issues and no servicing-of course cleats wear through but that is what they do.
    Unfortunately i smashed the cage while radding it riding ‘dreamtime’ at CYB and thought that’s that. However 2pure spotted a whinging post on here and offered to warranty them so that’s nice service.
    I also sent of a pair of candies which had the cage smashed too and i hope that these are repairable as well.

    I have always liked the quick and easy access into the pedal and the simplicity of design, but it seems that the newer pedals are built cheaper than before therefore failing more commonly?

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    Surely maintenance for pedals would be just buying a new set of 520s every 2 years for £20 which is probably cheaper than the necessaries to fettle eggbeaters. As my 520s get rougher they get relegated down the priority list of bikes but even the 10 yr old pair on the steel mtb tourer aren’t that bad

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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