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  • edl
  • Premier Icon llama
    Free Member

    steak with anchovy butter
    craig charles

    it’s been a while

    Premier Icon duckman
    Full Member

    Vegan pizza
    St Andrews IPA mini keg

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
    Full Member

    Stirfry chicken with noodle.
    Tin of Carlsberg.
    Pretty Reckless and old episodes of the The Blacklist. Later in bed some jazz piano as I tuck up for the night with my Kindle.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk
    Free Member

    3 course M&S meal
    White wine
    Series 3 of Marcella

    Premier Icon Klunk
    Free Member

    cheese burger and chips
    mug of tea
    the jam all mod cons

    Premier Icon matt10214
    Free Member

    E – I made salt & pepper chicken & egg fried rice
    D – Malbec
    L – Craig Charles

    Premier Icon MartynS
    Full Member

    e Gammon, mash, veg
    d Shipyard IPA.. Brewdog something next
    L YouTube mix, currently Goo Goo Dolls live..

    Premier Icon p7eaven
    Free Member

    E: Aloo gobi saag. Peshwari naan.
    D: Bottle of vinegary Hobsons Town Crier golden ale (that was swimming with sediment!) filtered through a paper coffee filter. Blegh. First time for everything 🤮
    L: Half-blind old dog barking at shadows on the wall, half-drowned-out by Gábor Szabó on headphones.

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    Resident Alien on catch up

    Premier Icon chewkw
    Free Member

    Pork chop, Chips, Eggs and rice.
    Some cheap sweet wine I found in the cupboard
    YouTbue or whatever is on telly.

    Premier Icon Tom-B
    Free Member

    I had Craig Charles on in my delivery van tonight….free kit Kat and can of coke from the work vending machine too.

    Got home and the E and D has been upgraded to a veggie Paella and a questionable Rioja.

    Premier Icon macdubh
    Full Member

    E: Italian Night! homemade pizza and pasta courtesy of my kids (they’re older and we do theme nights every fortnight)
    D: Asahi lager
    L: re-watching The expanse

    Premier Icon ElShalimo
    Free Member

    E: Spanish fish stew

    D: Malbec

    L: The Last Jedi…. I’d forgotten how long and poor it was.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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