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  • Ebay "Create bikes" fixie deal – rubbish or a find?
  • Premier Icon allankelly

    What do you think? These look pretty spanky. They have various colours.

    £150 for a decent-looking bike. No size info, and if that's a 700c wheel it's a pretty big frame I think?.

    "Create" fixie



    I would hazard a guess that you may be dissapointed.


    look on london fixed gear ….dont think they have a good rep !

    frankly they look shit


    look on london fixed gear ….dont think they have a good rep !


    It's like the whole unicrap thing again…

    Premier Icon allankelly

    There you go then.

    Our survey says: P1SH




    Welding is $hite and they're heavy.

    Try one of these SE's


    For a ton fifty I'd give it a go if i rode fixed.


    id pick up a used langster …..

    i got an as new singlecross for 200 off here …..

    Premier Icon gamo

    sure costco have them for about £140, one size lots of colours.


    do they come in any fast colours?


    i like the fact that SE Lagers can bar spin in all sizes…

    Premier Icon allankelly

    I think they're all 60cm frames.

    I asked the same question a week or so back, and I think its fair to say that the consensus was that they're a complete tub of toss.

    If you're in the market for a cheap singlespeed hack, search for the thread as someone posted a link to what looked like quite a good deal on an SE Draft at Winstanleys Bikes (who bizarrely have the Create Fixie on offer for over twice the price of on ebay!)

    for a ton fifty I'd give it a go.

    I think I currently hold the record for cheap, new bike on ebay @ £125 for Sora equipped bike, truatix chainset etc. It's done over 2k so far and still rides great (a bit of wheel trueing).

    so don't always say no to cheap bikes on ebay, sometimes it's genuine.



    bikeradar review

    i was surprised the BR review was so good seeing as the bad rep thay have.

    That was the review that set me off. To be honest I was curious more than anything. Having just acquired a Surly 1×1 on top of a singlespeed Roadrat, I don't think I could justify another gearless bike anyway!


    I have one of these and my rear wheel needed truing. To be honest i think it works perfect!

    Look at their ebay feedback http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bargainsallyear&&sspagename=VIP:feedback&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller

    Majority of people are very happy apart from some needing the wheels trued! I called the company about this and they said this is due to their manufacturer cutting corners. It is only occurring on a few bikes, not all.

    I am not sure if any of you have started a company of your own? It is a fact that new companies make mistakes and learn from them. I guess this is the case with Create Bikes. The mistake here is them not employing people from their company to sit in the factory in china or india (wherever they are made) to oversee quality control resulting in the manufacturer screwing them over.

    If they nail this aspect they will have an incredibly cheap bike with a high quality build that is perfect and looks awesome. I have a feeling they will nail it this time with their 2010 range because the improvements from version1 to version 2 were huge!

    If they do learn from their mistakes and apply feedback received from reviews, maybe this time we will be getting affordable perfection??

    1. Unicrap
    2. Unigood
    3. Uniperfect……….maybe??


    I've got a charge plug second hand. Fantastic bike, keeps me fit in the winter..

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Yep, seen them in Costco – almost cheap enough to be worth the risk…


    Saw something similar in Decathlon – sure it was £69.99. Heavy – yes, but looked ok apart from the colour scheme of bright orange. 26" wheels but with a set of slicks would be ok townie/city bike!


    I recently bought a 2010 create bike from Fixed Gear Frenzy
    Its 100 times better than their previous two ranges. Ask them for a free shimano bottom bracket and bearings for the rear hub and you will have no problems. Other than these minor issues they are perfect bikes.



    I’ve had a Create 2010 since late September this year. It cost me £210 with delivery off eBay and another 150,- to get it running properly. I had to change so many of the original components, I nicknamed the bike FRANKIE, after Frankenstein. Here is a list of things I needed to change:

    1. Grips
    2. Saddle – second hand San Marco
    3. Bottom Bracket – got a 2nd hand Shimano
    4. Back wheel – replaced by manufacturer, will get Mavics as soon as I get enough cash.
    5. Freewheel – replaced by manufacturer, then bought a Shimano 18t
    6. Chain ring – got a Sugino 42t off eBay
    7. Crank set – got a Shimano Ultegra 2nd hand off eBay
    8. Pedals – got old school vintage one, also 2nd hand, ebay again
    9. TYRES!

    The original back wheel didn’t last two months. It had to be sent back to the manufacturer and replaced by a new one. The new freewheel that came with it was simply rubbish – it kept getting stuck. To be fair, however, I have to admit Create has amazing customer services. They are fast and really pro-active, but still that doesn’t make up for the fact that they are selling a horrible product.

    Again, on the bright side, I learned a lot about bike mechanics. So much I was able to do most of the customisation myself – except for the BB fitting as I don’t have a torque wrench. I am now building my own fixie out of a 1980 Releigh with Reynolds 501 tubing. I’ll still keep the Create – after all the time, effort and money I have to confess I got attached to the thingy. But the Releigh has definitely stolen my heart. You can tell that, even though it is an old bike, all the components are far, far superior to my Frankie’s.

    My suggestion if you are considering a Create: go on eBay or Gumtree. Type: Langster or Charge Plug. Cough up 250 quid and be the happy owner of a good quality bike!

    Just my two cents!

    I bought an old ‘un-branded’ vintage frame from ebay and set about creating my own fixie (a few years ago before the big trend). It was a great learning curve and has now got me singlespeed mad with all but my proper road bike being single. My fixie has seen so many different setups and currently its used as my turbo training bike.
    Here is some pics to tempt you into a DIY project rather than off the shelf:
    Arrived from ebay (think I paid £12 for the frame)

    DSCF0069 by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Delugged and ready for the powder coaters:

    DSCF0086 by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Painted and in a SS setup

    DSCF1718 by Jackass123456789, on Flickr


    saw on this morning. (there are a few around work)

    the geo looks really weird. more like an mtb than a road bike.

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