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  • Easyjet and bike box
  • pitchpro2011
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    I’m flying to morzine this summer for the first time and was wondering what the deal is with the bike box rules. Easyjet say only the bike can go in the box, but if I threw in spare tyres,tubes and body armour would this cause a problem? Or even the helmet if it fits. I know there’s a weight limit, so assume it’s all within this.

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    They all say that, before I decided driving was a better option I flew without any hassle using kit as “padding” to keep my frame safe and stay within the weight limit

    Havent heard of anyone ever having a problem – but its the internet so someone will be along in a moment……

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    Taking full bouncer to Spain in August and judging by the weight my road bike registered in the box last month I don’t think there’s much else can go in.

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    I put loads of stuff in with mine (spares, clothes, tools, energy drink/gels). I don’t think they care as but I wouldn’t take the piss and fill it up with crap to 32Kg as they’re probably more likely to open it then. If possible have a plan B ready to (spreading stuff to mate’s bags etc.) can’t see them making you leave stuff behind even if they did check.

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    Easyjet aren’t the ground-handlers – as long as the bike case doesn’t exceed 32kg, simply check-in and go. The only people who ‘look’ inside are the X-Ray operators.

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    I padded mine with spare tyres, and popped my tools and a few spares in there too. No problems.

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    I suspect they may get arsey if you try to get away with just a bike box and hand luggage, but if you’ve paid for a bag as well as the bike box then I can’t see any problems with ‘padding’ in the bike box. I’ve just got back from Mallorca with the family and the beach towels, nappies, kids toys, tools, bike shoes and energy gels etc were all in the bike box and weren’t an issue, partly due (I think) to two other bags in the hold and the box and both bags were within the weight limits.

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    I asked a similar question about this time last year – first trip to Morzine for 8 years – with Sleazy too.
    A few responses said it depended on where you fly from.
    I went from Luton to Geneva using a padded bike bag.
    Carried FF lid as hand luggage. Core protector suit, arm and knee/shin pads wrapped around frame.
    Didn’t bother with spare tyres. Got through both ways with no problems whatsoever – you’ll be fine so long as you’re within your weight limit. Enjoy!

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    I always chuck body armour and pads in the box. I would never put my helmet in. If you’re lucky enough to be in a seat from where you can view them loading or unloading the bike it will make you wince.

    Those Troy Lee D3 bags are perfect for hand luggage/document storage etc. Not sure what other helmets come in posh bags.

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    Was over in Portugal last month with mates, I flew Monarch and filled my softshell bag to the limit with armour, shoes etc., no problem at check-in.
    Mates flew with easy jet and did the same filling their cardboard bike boxes to the limit with clothes etc, however, at check-in Easyjet made them sign a waiver that any damage to the bike wasn’t their fault as it wasn’t in a HARD SHELL bike box.

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    On the weight thing, Easyjet Edinburgh were hilariously useless esp when I had piled stuff into the bag so it must have been a few kilos over:
    Easyjet: “What weight is the bike bag, sir?”
    Me: “I don’t know, sorry, can’t you weigh it?”
    Esyjet: “No, our scales here at the check in desk are broken. Please take it over to the public weighing station by the main door. Yes, that one there”
    Me: “Eh? Really?”
    Easyjet: “Yes sir, we insist, thats out policy.”

    Me to Missus, whilst trying to contain 3 kids running about with all other bags and stuff (hence my non-challenge to easyjet, Missus hates me being confrontational): “right, wait there a sec, just stay at the desk and sort out other bags”

    I drag the, very heavy, bike bag over to scales, says it needs a bloody £2 coin. WTF? Nae chunce! Walks back over the desk.

    Back at easyjet desk:
    Easyjet: “How much did it weigh, sir?”
    Me: “32kg”
    Easyjet: “Super, here’s the tag, please take it to oversize baggage”

    What a bunch of fannies. So I conclude, IMHO, on other flights too, you’ll be fine.


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    i packed everything i could in mine that still stayed in weight. one thing i would say is, expect it not to be usuable for the return, if there is a bike shop in morzine get another and bin the old one.
    gaffer tape up the handle holes and take some easy accessible gaffer tape in case it splits and for the return journey or for if they DO decide to open it and check

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    EasyJet’s terms state that no other items can be carried within a bike box or bag, only ‘sporting equipment’. So that’s helmet, gloves, shoes, pads, and any other stuff that falls not that category. Quite a lot of stuff actually. It can be bloody confusing though re combined luggage weight; we paid over £100 extra for extra weight allowance, then later found out we didn’t need it. Very annoying.

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