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  • Tijuana Taxi

    I have a Nook, good value for 29 quid and loads of free compatible e books although Barnes and Noble are a bit dearer than Amazon


    Mrscarlos has a Nook Glowlight and as mentioned above Barnes and Noble are dearer for books, ,bought our 8 year old son a Kobo mini to replace the small mountain of books that was threatening to take over his bedroom and its a good piece of kit simple to use with loads of free and cheap books on the WH Smiths and Kobo sites.

    Tubs Racing

    Mrs TR has got on well with a Kindle for the last 18 months and she’s just upgraded to a Kindle Paperwhite so she can read at night when we go camping (sounds like an excuse to me so that she could have a shiny new toy – but at least I get the cast off old one). Only 2 days in but she thinks its brilliant in the light or dark.


    Ia had a look at various Kobo & Kindle readers today.

    The Kindle seemed much better to me, given it’s twice the price perhaps it should be.

    Has anyone got any experience of the Nook?

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Kindle paper white here after a similar question on here 6 months ago.

    No regrets. I like it,


    Nook HD is about to be discontinued, maybe worth hanging on a while if you were thinking of that version?

    Otherwise I’ve got a Kindle and it’s great, bought one for my wife and she loves it too. No experience of other readers.

    Kindle 3g, do it


    We have 2 kindle paperwhite in the house, just having converted to ebooks. I bought the first to have a play with 6 months ago, still haven’t finished a book on it as MrsSG refuses to put it down. Had to buy a second for my daughter for her birthday as she kept taking the first one to read her books. They are great pieces of kit, easy to read, light. I was initially concerned that the screen size seemed a little small compared to a paperback, but that isn’t an issue. Might need to buy a third so I can read it.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Had the Kindle Paperwhite since Christmas.

    Definitely my favourite bit of recent tech, all the better for being simple.
    Much less eye strain than a laptop or tablet, battery lasts for ages and I rarely buy books anymore – there’s so much free stuff out there it’s crazy.

    As above, highly recommended.

    I was initially concerned that the screen size seemed a little small compared to a paperback, but that isn’t an issue.

    Me too. I like the fact that you can change the font size – great when I forget my reading specs.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I bought my first Kindle towards the end of last year, a Kindle Paperwhite, and really like it. Shove it in the back pocket to read while in the canteen at lunch, very handy and a very crisp screen to read from.

    No experience with any other e-readers, but no complaints about the Paperwhite. I do wish I had spent a few more $ on the 3G version though.

    Cheers, Rich

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