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  • argoose

    I’ve gone the other route, suspension seatpost, lot better for technical climbs.
    Not needed to drop seatpost, if its well steep, off the back ba11s on the crud guard, if its bit rough, inner thighs on seat.

    I have to be honest, and say I have gone the other way. I bought one quite early on in my mtb life and it was great, however as I have improved my skillset I have used it less and less.

    It does depend on the riding you do I suppose, if you have lots of techy fast downhills then it’s worth it no doubt.

    I bought the giant one as I think it was the cheapest on the market and remote operated, hasn’t let me down yet.


    Hi guys thinking of getting a dropper seat post for my ragley blue pig, and was wondering what people though and which one they recommend?


    I think most people would say its worth trying one and seeing how it effects your confidence and riding. If it makes your riding more enjoyable, stick with it. I’ve had a gravity dropper turbo, a Command Post and a Reverb and would say the latter is by far the slickest. IIRC it depends on the year of Pig as to te seat tube size. If its an early one the gravity dropper is a good bet. The later ones were compatible with all the other options.


    For all those that say dont nother why do XC riders and down hillers set their seats at different heights if it makes no difference?
    We could all ride anything without dropping our seats just like I could rigid with Cantis but it would be slower and harder.

    If you want infinite adjust/pluchyness and better looks get a hydraulic one
    if you want up and down without ever needing to do any maintenance get a GD- the only one which works at 27.2 and i have used with shims without issue

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I like mine. It’s great for confidence on the steep stuff to have the seat out the way and much easier to climb with it up. Depends where you ride. It makes the biggest difference at trail centres where you get rapid changes from techy/smooth/up/down.


    I ride at trail centres mainly, was thinking of the reverb


    Got a KS i900 over here.

    Really like it – big confidence boost for me to be able to get the saddle right out of the way for any downwards based stuff / jumpy type exploits.

    YMMV of course and those with greater skill than i may not need the assistance in the first place. I’ll take all the help I can get 🙂


    I never used to lower my seat post, but i ordered a reverb with my Five AM and now I must say I couldnt do without it

    Premier Icon iainc

    I was quite surprised by the number of droppy posts I saw at Glentress this morning – I think they must come in a pack with full face helmets and body armour 😆

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got 2,a KS i900 and a Gravity Dropper. The GD has been bombproof, it’s been in constant use for years and it’s had one proper service and just an occasional tweak apart from that. The KS was iffy at first but was fixed on warranty and has been fine since- wee bit more involved to service and I do it more often as it’s a little less durable. But still, both have been more reliable than some rigid seatposts 😉

    If I was buying one tomorrow I’d get the 6-inch drop Lev… KS know how to make a good post now so hopefully they haven’t forgotten!

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    X-fusion HiLo here. cheapish and works has it a couple of years now and it still works fine but has needed me to strip clean and rebuild it once.

    comes in 27.2 which is of use if you’re a frame swapper I suppose…


    I got one a while back and find that places like Glentress I dont really use it but Golspie, Laggan and the DH stuff at Innerleithen it is brilliant. Its also great for big natural rides where the terrain can change dramatically very quickly and without the predictability of a trail centre.

    Well worth splashing the cash imo.

    Premier Icon accu

    as northwind said…
    I have a GD since 3 years, ugly but perfect…constant use, never had any issues..
    and since spring I have a KS SUPERNATURAL for my HT, so far no problems..

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