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  • Dropper Post Seat Bag for Bikepacking
  • chevychase
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    Has someone, anyone, done a decent dropper compatible seat bag for bikepacking yet or do we still have to buy a wolfstooth valais and wing it?

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    Porcelain Rocket ūüöÄ
    Mr Fusion

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    Porcelain Rocket did the albert (featured in that bikepacking article) but discontinued as they couldn‚Äôt get it to work reliably ‚Äď which is a real shame because of everything I looked at that ticked all the boxes.

    The Mr Fusion is being redesigned (and if you look at the pics ‚Äď big no-no ‚Äď contact with the seatpost tube).

    Alpkit‚Äôs solution looks dicey (seat tube interaction) ‚Äď which is a shame as I have losds of their kit.

    Anyone here bikepack with a dropper? What do you use?

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    Depending on your bike, a simple rear rack with a drybag strapped on top might be the easiest solution. a Tubus Vega is only 600g and rock solid. Less chance of damaging the seatpost too. Doesn’t help if you’re on a full suss, mind…

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    Saw this on here under topic ‚ÄúBikepacking with a dropper! simple solution‚ÄĚ Genius, if you can fit the 2nd post behind the dropper.

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    I keep looking at this one but never hit the buy button …

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    I just used a regular bag and taped the dropper post with electrical tape to protect it from the strap. Worked fine.

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    I just run my regular koala with one strap round the post. The strap and plastic buckle are yet to mark the stantion and still let me drop the saddle enough to have fun.

    This is on a ¬£55 quid ks eten post though which I couldn‚Äôt care less about. ūüėā

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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