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  • Dropper post – anyone gone back?
  • Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Either that or get a 27.2 seatpost (there are a couple now) and shim (check with manufacturer if worried about warranty – i.e. see devinci thread).

    I find it hard to understand the didn’t like it comments?

    they are VERY heavy. Certainly enough to make the bike feel different.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Heavy, wobbly, extra clutter on the bars, extra flappy cable, etc

    Premier Icon Northwind

    A Reverb is 520g, a Thomson Elite in the same length is 250g. That’s a trivial amount for the difference in performance IMO- you wouldn’t turn up your nose at fitting a 250g heavier tyre if it was delivering such a big difference.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    I’ve gone back, but mainly because its a pain to get the seatpost out to get the bike in the car with the dropper attached.
    Just rebuilding my full suss and will be reinstalling it and taking the hard tail with fixed post if I can’t be arsed to stick a bike on the roof!

    Thought it was worth pointing out – I never thouht about it before buying one but I find it a massive pain really as if there is enough slack in the cable to remove the post it flaps everywhere whilst dropped, and the cable gets knackered very quickly where it enters the head with constant taking on and off the bike. I will end up with a non remote post eventually but I’m tight and they’re just not as good.

    Buy a better bike car 🙄

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Got rid when I got rid of the FS. Have tried one on the SIR.9 but it made the ride too stiff.
    Also, it was an older GD & it was a faff if I’m honest. I kept forgetting to drop the bloomin thing. Also, the remote was truly truly awful. Like operating a Chinese death spinner.

    I’ve had a quick go on a mates bike with a remote Reverb & that was 100% better.

    If I bought a new frame that took a Reverb, & more importantly it didn’t compromise the ride quality, I’d get one; but the Niner is 27.2 & obviously, it was defying the laws of physics to try & design a version of the Reverb into that size.

    *spits out sour grapes*


    Premier Icon Northwind

    For Nickdavies- some KS posts have a quick release cable, designed for your problem (though, tbh mine come out easily enough anyway with the post dropped)

    Premier Icon somafunk

    KS lev do a 27.2mm, had mine fitted to my Hummer with a 27.2 shim for ages now, not a problem.

    Very neat design, the cable doesn’t sag like the reverb hose does, the cable to seatpost attachment point is very well sealed with an alloy cap and o-ring so nae crud can drop down the cable housing and the entry point can be at the back/front/side/wherever you like as the top of the seatpost clamp can rotate round. It’s shown on the side on the above pic for illustration purposes only, i now have it towards the front of the post

    I fit Fox DOSS, Rockshox Reverb and Crank Bros Kronologs on bikes at work and could use any of them (with corresponding shim) for trade/cost price but i paid full full price from H-bike germany for the KS, i feel it’s a superior design with superior lever that fits my ODI Troy Lee grips and i’ve not had any probs with it at all…unlike all of the others i’ve listed above.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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