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  • Driving to Garda, best route?
  • fogliettaz

    Last time I drove there, we went via Calais, Reims, Nancy, crossed into Germany just north of Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Munich, Stayed the night in Garmisch Partenkirchen then into Austria Innsbruck over the Brenner Pass from there its all down hill to Lake Garda. Fantastic area to sail and cycle, eat and drink.

    A James

    Driving to Lake Garda so can take bikes on holiday. Stopping in France for one night.
    Any suggestions for best route, don’t really want to go via switzerland. Ferry to zebruger.

    Andy James

    Just back from Bardolino, on the SW of the lake. Stunning place, really stunning. The Germans are so lucky, a mere 4-5 hours drive from Munich. Obviously, that’s why there are so many of them,not complaining mind, I’d far rather that than being full of brits.


    Last time we did it, we went Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Innsbruck.

    You can do it cheaper if you spend more time in Germany, but the French roads are much better. The Germans like to do roadworks in the summer, and they don’t muck around – endless contraflows.

    Switzerland will charge you £40 or so for driving on their motorways, so best to avoid that.


    I love Italy, haven’t looked on a map, but the Aosta valley is definitely worth the drive if it’s not too far south. thru the Mont Blanc Tunnel, then on the motorway, it’s the big views of the alps, monastery perched on top of a massive rock in the valley etc. I’ve done loads of MTB in that area going back to 1997.


    Mt Blanc and the french motorways are the most expensive way to do it, worth avoiding.

    35eur through switzerland and it lasts all year. If you go to Munich and down over the brenner remember to buy the road toll (vignette) for austria as they look out for foreign cars to stop and its a 150eur fine. 60mph through austria at the weekends and you also have to pay a toll for the brenner on top.

    switzerland way is a bit quicker and you get the chance to do a few passes ( e.g gotthard ) on the way.

    i usually do it in 1 but last time i stopped in Luxembourg. Surprising interesting place.

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