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  • Dremel type things
  • meeeee

    Is there a decent cordless dremel(but probably not dremel brand as they seem to be £££) for 50-60? Won’t be used loads, just for odd jobs here and there


    Dremels are under £80

    Cordless isn’t ideal for your usage as chances arer the battery will be flat when you come to use it (unless its a decent Li-ion cell like the Dremel!!)


    Dremels are excellent – get a decent one as you will be surprised how often you use it.

    Just this weekend I drilled out some cable guides so I could get full length housing through an old Cove frame, ground out the excess paint in the dropouts that stopped me getting my wheels in there, cut the excess from the stays on the mudguards I was fitting, and previously I have used it to drill out the holes in my frame in order to route stealth dropper cabling.

    Also bought a rechargeable Bosch but it won’t take some of the dremel attachements 🙁


    For occasional use, Aldi have some of their workzone brand ones in for £15.

    I got an Erbauer mains one for about £60, comes with plenty of bits & bobs inc a flexy extension & some kind of bench clamp.
    Good value.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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