does the old ‘Favourites’ exist?

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  • does the old ‘Favourites’ exist?
  • Premier Icon cb

    Could someone direct me to where I might find these please? Trying to dig out some info from a thread I bookmarked as a favourite.


    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Try this:

    Or click on ‘profile’ (top left corner) then click on ‘forums’ in the body of the page that throws up. Then lob some Himalayan mountain salt over your shoulder, click ‘favourites’ which is to the right of ‘topic started’ and’replies created’ and you should be there.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Pretty intuitive then.😁

    Premier Icon cb

    Cheers, I was an idiot and used Icelandic Glacial salt, got the right stuff now…

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