Dodgy Bronson for sale on Ebay

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  • Dodgy Bronson for sale on Ebay
  • Premier Icon chief1409

    Looks very suspect to me. If it is indeed nicked (as mine was) then hopefully this’ll help it to get returned to rightful owner.

    Dodgy looking Bronson

    huh? granary cycles selling the yellow one? what exactly is dodgy about that? 😆 or am i missing something/ wrong link?

    It’s not the usual scrote stolen bike template – although agree it does look a bit shady. Asking 4 grand + for a bike that you couldn’t be arsed taking a picture of.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    There’s a few of these traders calling themselves online bike shops and specialising in secondhand bikes and/or parts. They’re all over the PB classifieds.

    They could all be genuine, honest entrepreneurs – but then where the flip do the hundreds of high-end MTBs that get stolen each year end up?


    Premier Icon kimbers

    wouldnt hold your breath, I reported a blatantly scammed bike to ebay (pics nicked from elsewhere) and they did nothing , someone won the auction

    well just googling granary cycles suggests they are santa cruz dealer???

    of course it could not be linked to the shop, and someone could have created the account as a person on the scam, but even still they have a few different SC for sale? maybe worth a ring to granary cycles to confirm if you think they are genuinely dodgy? sure they will be fast to dis associate themselves from the ads?

    Can’t see the obvious problem with that at all. It is a picture they’ve taken, unless I’m missing something.

    Their website is very professional. It’s quite a step up from the usual mobile snapshot in front of 42″ plasma and posted with spelling mistakes and misdescriptions.

    Premier Icon chief1409

    Sorry dudes, its been removed from Ebay (it was listing 251475373511) so the link directs you elsewhere now. The Granary Cycles bike is not dodgy at all!
    I got my daily email from today and there was a link to a Bronson in Bristol that looked suspect and I had posted the link to that…. Now its gone. Description had “bought this from a friend in July 2013 so cannot provide receipt…” and other dodgy statements.

    ###MODS### – can someone delete my original link please?

    Premier Icon chief1409

    Here’s the picture that was used…..(still available on Findthatbike despite ebay listing being removed.

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