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  • qwerty

    Cut the end off a 240v cable whilst it is plugged in.

    I did this this morning.

    I’m now banned from making an extension lead (for the time being).

    Have a safe Christmas!

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I’m guessing it gave you an excuse to prove the mcb is working and a reaso. to go and buy a new cutting implement.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    If you do the above make sure you have a bucket of water nearby to put the sparks out.

    Premier Icon psling

    I’ve actually seen an extension lead that someone made with a PLUG at BOTH ends 😯

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Probably a good job we are on AC and not DC or you’d still be there.


    Worryingly the trip switch didn’t trip, I guess the plug fuse did. Fresh Stanley blade required.


    Worryingly the trip switch didn’t trip, I guess the plug fuse did. Fresh UNDERPANTS required.

    Fixed it.


    Lucky there was a paramedic in the house Martin 😉


    You probably shorted the live and neutral out so the fuse went first. Earth trip would only go before the fuse if you shorted the live and earth out with the blade. Bet it woke you up.


    Trip switches won’t always save a life: if you get a low resistance path across your heart even ’10mA’ could kill you – “so always keep one hand in your pocket” 😉

    Darwin award for death by PP3


    I did something similar recently. Went to fit a new light fitting in my Son’s room. Firstly removed the bulb then went down stairs to turn off the trip switch in the fuse box.
    To check that I had flicked the correct switch I returned to my son’s room and turned on the light. As the light did not come on I assumed I had the correct circuit switched off. Started work on the fitting. Got a good jolt. What an idiot.

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    OP… good solid advice that 😀


    Plug at both ends is cowboy generator connection to house rough as ****. – just make sure the main breakers shut down ffs

    My stupid Dad did that – plugs at both ends and I only noticed after being shocked – hurt like hell.


    This was how I ruined my expensive Park Tools cable cutter. Sparkie left a loop of ring main sticking out for me to cut later and add a socket but he forgot to tell me that he’d used the ring for the downstairs sockets, so when I turned off the supply for the upstairs sockets the loop was still live….

    There was a loud bang and a flash and the spark eroded the cutting edge of the blade of my cable cutter. RIP.

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