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  • DMR versa pedals
  • heebyjeeby
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    Clip one side, clipless the other…an old idea worth rehashing?

    Anyone tried these?

    They certainly look better than the old Shimano ones….

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    Hmmm… Certainly look better than the shim ones.

    I suppose it will polarise opinion along the usual lines. “Worst of both worlds” or a good compromise solution.

    Bit pricey though.

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    I rode a mate’s bike the other day briefly and I think these were on there, or something very similar. Firstly they were very hard to clip into. Maybe my cleats were too recessed? – don’t know. But having to look down, flip the pedal over and then clip? Nah. So I am in the worst of both camps on this.

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    Yeah thought this might be the case really.

    Quite a good idea in theory but in the real world not very practical…..

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    Some years ago I had Surly LHT which I used as a commuter and utility bike (miss it dearly). Since I also used it to grocery runs and such I installed some Shimano A530 hybrid pedals.

    They were absolutely awful, the side I needed was never up, no predictability whatsoever which what you need the most on pedals. And this was only on road, paths and very light trails.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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