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  • Dislocated (and broken) finger joint. Anyone else? Recovery times?
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    Evening, I had a big “off” at the Gisburn Enduro 4 weeks ago. I dislocated the middle joint of my left middle finger and broke off a part of the socket/cup bit!
    Anyway, I had 2 K wires removed to from my finger today (ouch). All the doctors I’ve spoken to have been pretty negative about get much movement back into that joint. It certainly feels like a nerve damaged piece wood at the moment.

    It sounds as though I’m unlikely to get full 90degree movement back. May as well get rid of my climbing gear!

    I’m not feeling too sorry for myself, just interested to know of anyone else’s similar experiences…


    I broke the tip of my little finger when I crashed my bike in August. Two breaks in the bone. I could curl the finger around a handle bar, but couldn’t straighten it due to the top tendon not being connected to most of the bone… I had it in a splint to keep it straight for about 5 weeks, because it was only a little finger I could still ride my bike, although my grip on that had wasn’t great. Pretty much back to normal now, although a slight reduction in total range of movement of the joint and a bit of pain if I grip too hard, although currently that is improving.

    Premier Icon camerone

    I dislocated middle joint of index (I think, first kne after thumb!) finger, so braking finger, had seven weeks in cast for wrist that’s broke at same time. That was 10 weeks ago. Finger has limited movement and the joint is enlarged but is fine to ride other than its painful but looks like an old lady arthritic finger. I didn’t realise bones swell, and I have been told it may take a year to 18 months to fully recover..

    Premier Icon thepurist

    22 Dec 2011 I crashed and broke 5th metacarpal in my right hand and also sprained the PIP joint on my 4th finger. I still have limited movement in 4th finger, and grip strength is reduced. Doubt I’d be much cop at climbing and my prize fighting career is over…

    Premier Icon althepal

    Broke the biggest pinkie bone last week.. plaster cast for a week and now taped and splinted.
    Pinkie curled round and pointing away from the other fingers..
    Worried that the splint isnt really holding it straight while it heals..

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I wrenched tendons in my right thumb last Christmas (no broken bones). Lots of bruising and I couldn’t really ride for about 2 and half months afterwards.

    It’s still not quite right and I can’t use a mouse right handed for long periods without it beginning to ache.

    Not sure I have anything constructive to offer beyond makign sure you get some physio therapy and being patient.

    One thing: I took up running as a way to get out in the woods and it really helped me mentally.


    Popped the end joint of my little finger out (actually, someone did it for me) playing basketball.

    Four years later, I still can’t fully straighten or curl the joint and there’s still a sizeable amount of extra bone/swelling around it. And it hurts in winter.

    The shit.


    I dislocated mine (middle joint, middle finger, right hand) running in the woods (well, tripping over a tree root…) in late July. It popped back into place straight away and the mobility is pretty good (it doesn’t go quite straight but is fine other than that), but it’s still swollen and a bit tender, and yesterday I really noticed how sensitive to the cold it is.

    I can do most things with it although climbing would probably be beyond it, and occasionally I knock it in a way that makes me wince slightly.

    I’m not optimistic about the swelling going away completely tbh – my ankle is still swollen from where I broke it and that was 13 years ago…

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