DHR DD dual compound -does it exist?

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  • DHR DD dual compound -does it exist?
  • liamvc96

    Its not listed on maxxis website so I doubt it but I wanted to try a dhr but not in Maxx terra flavour

    I’ve already got a high roller Maxx terra on that is very draggy so trying get away from it



    Or other tyre recommendations? was thinking about an aggressor but apparently it doesn’t brake well


    just go for the DHR 2 EXO TR 2.4 WT, it’s Dual Compound but not DD

    Ive been running the Agressor for quite some time now and not had a problem braking.


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    Aggressor isn’t the best under braking – got one on the back that replaced a dhr2 when the trails dried out at the back (both 3c exo) and it feels quite a bit looser but a bit faster rolling

    Bizarre it’s the ideal rear tyre combo. Apparently not though huh?!?!?!


    Maxxis site is generally terrible

    if it’s not  listed here then it probably doesn’t exist


    (Separate 29er page available)

    Looks like only DD is Max Terra

    i really don’t know why they don’t do all their tyres of a particular flavour (for example non XC) in the multitude of casing and compounds they offer. It’s almost impossible to navigate their tyre range as there are so many gaps between permutations for any given tyre.


    I think the aggressor is a great rear  dryish tyre but the bead on mine has come loose so its wobbling, just had the same on a DHF aswell.


    @boardingbob it would be better if they offered all tyres in all casing options and compounds I don’t see why they don’t

    I know people say there is already too much choice but tyres are easy to understand and I would rather have more choice than less

    @scruff which casing were they? I’ve never had that happen but I’m a bit of a tyre swapper so I’m always changing them

    I’ve emailed maxxis using the form on the website but I’m not holding out much hope of a reply


    These are the 2018 listed 27.5 DHR dual compound tyres;

    2631158 – Minion DHR II 27.5×2.30 60 TPI Folding Dual Compound (EXO/TR)

    2631160 – Minion DHR II 27.5×2.40WT 60 TPI Folding Dual Compound (EXO/TR)

    2631169 – Minion DHR II 27.5×2.60 60 TPI Folding Dual Compound (EXO/TR)


    @100mph is that from the maxxis website?

    I wonder why they didn’t release a DD dual as it’s suppose to be a dedicated rear tyre.

    I know people run it on the front but rear is in the name after all


    Just picked up a DHRII 3C DD 2.4 (non-WT) which I didn’t know existed. Also had the DHRII 2.3 Dual DD in stock. Very happy to find the 2.4 DD 3C, as it suits my purposes best, (warped a new 2.4 3C EXO casing, so wanted something more robust).


    Where was the dual DD in stock?

    How long did you have exo on before it warped?

    I’ve got one on the front so trying to see how long it’ll last

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