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  • Depressed? Fed up with lock down?
  • Premier Icon maxtorque
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    Well, it doesn’t matter, because you are utterly insignificant anyway…..


    (if poss. watch on a big screen, in 4k, with decent sound for the full effect btw)

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    It’s not such a bad time to be alive really is it?

    Premier Icon kneebiscuit
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    Enjoyed that and found it surprisingly moving. Thank you

    Premier Icon avdave2
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    Nothing happens and it keeps not happening for ever

    Something to look forward to then. Of course if it turns out differently I’ll want that 29 minutes and 20 seconds back. In fact if it turns out right then what was I doing wasting that 29 minutes and 20 seconds watching that!

    Premier Icon onecheshirecat
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    I thoroughly enjoyed that, a reminder that life is short and humans are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Get out there (or not currently….) and enjoy yourself.

    The missus thought it was rubbish.

    Takes all sorts I guess.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot
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    Thanks maxtorque I love that sort of stuff. Just so massive you just can’t really understand it.
    Nearly went a bit HHGTTG

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    Entropy is a bitch.

    Premier Icon maxtorque
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    What ever you think about the accuracy or otherwise of that portrail of our Universes future, you have to admit it’s nicely done from a creative perspective 🙂

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