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  • Deciding capacity for a premises available for hire
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    We’ve had a small refurb on our Scout hut to deal with some heating and damp issues, and are thinking of offering it for hire for events and parties to try and generate a bit of income.

    Someone has queried what our seated/standing capacity should be, so wondering if anyone knows how to arrive at a number? Obviously we are thinking in terms of kiddies birthday parties and ruby wedding events rather than hosting a night of the next AC/DC tour, but presumably some kind of guide limit to hirers would be advisable.

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    Here you go

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    Do you have a Fire Risk Assessment, FRA, usually says on there, also check insurance and building regulations, local fire authority as a double check?

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    You may also find that LA Licencing for catering or entertainment purposes will be interested and their calculations on suitability are based on bog ratios – i.e. how many bog per XX number of people. I forget what the stipulations are but they should be on their website.

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    Test it, like this but on a bigger scale

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    Great link Phil_H, thanks

    IHN – works better with Beavers…..

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