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  • Decent office boots – recommendations?
  • just go with docs, i’ve got kernackered ankles after years of skateboarding and they do the trick for me……and they look like shoes


    Dr Martens

    Anyone got recommendations for decent boots for the office?

    I’ve got a sketchy ankle following an off last Summer, still having problems & worried my ankle/foot gait is getting worse with the crappy clarks i’ve got now.

    Want a plain black chukka-type boot, not some jey fashion nonsense.
    Brands i’ve had before don’t have anything suitable, only stipulation is that it needs to be black & not look like a hiking boot! I’d probably give MBTs a go if they didn’t look so silly.

    And yes I know, if it carries on i’ll go get it seen to properly.

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    yep, another vote for DMs: worn them for work since, well since 1990 (when I was at school) & nobody can tell. You will suffer for the first week as they break in, usually at the back of the ankle, but after that superb. Only downer I’ve found is having to take ’em off all the smegging time at airport security.

    Sadly, like everything, now made in China.

    DMs, hadn’t thought of them – they’ve got some good ones on their website, will have to head to the shops to check them out in the flesh – ta!

    RM Williams are decent. Personally, I have mine made by my cobblers in Oxford, Duckers.


    Another vote for RMs.

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    Have a look at Miphesto if you can find them. I had some about 14 years ago. They’re about dead now but after three resoles, they’ve cost a total of £240. Not bad for 14 years and possibly the most comfortable thing I’ve ever had on my feet. Sold to me by a podi…pode…podd…foot doctor.

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    Last Footwear Co. They will last a long, long time.

    Yeah, but they’re from NZ…! And they look a little, well, a little “special”!


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    They make others, maybe even more special. Mine are called “Ra”

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