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  • Decent 35mm ID 32h 29er rims?
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    I’m currently putting together a spec for a winter hardtail build, and depending on tyre clearance on the rear I’ll be going with either a 27.5 2.8 on a 35mm or 40mm rim, or a 29 2.6, on a 35mm rim.

    DT swiss do the XM521 in 35mm or XM551 in 40mm for 27.5 with 32h, so those options are sorted.

    But can I find a decent 35mm 29er rim with 32 spokes? Nope! Hub is included with the bike so has to be 32h too.

    DT swiss don’t make one, Newmen are 28h, and I’m not really sure what’s decent nowadays aside from the main brands.

    Any other choices? Alloy, preferably symmetrical although it’s not a huge issue if not. Trail rather than full on enduro strength, won’t be hucking it off 6ft drops, but strong enough to survive some rooty stuff and some peaks/lakes rocks. I’ll be running an insert.

    Spank OOZY Trail 395+ seem decent?


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    I was going to say check what Spank have to offer, frequently at good prices on CRC.  I haven’t tried anything with the spec you are looking for but have some 28mm internal Spikes that I’ve been happy with.  Beware of their weird way of quoting ERD

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    Yeah the Spanks seem decent, a little stiff maybe from reviews.

    After some more googling, even though newmen don’t list their evolution SL a.35 rims in 29er/32h spec, some places have stock, which is weird – https://www.bike24.com/p2365911.html

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    Newmen do a 35mm 32h rim but at the more burly end of the spectrum


    Premier Icon z1ppy
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    Hope fortus wheelset and sell the hubs that come with the bike?

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    I’ll be keeping the rear hub included with the frame as it’s a 120 point engagement, equal flange hub. Just need a nice strong but not too stiff rim to be able to build it into.

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    I just built up some Spank Oozy 395+ 29er 32 hole rims With a rear i9 Hydra and a Superstar V3 front hub.

    The are lovely and tight and the 35mm inner width gives a great profile with a 2.5 Assegai WT and a 2.4 DHR2 WT.

    I wanted 29er wheels that could handle jumps and drops without flexing like a wet noodle. I have loads of control with these and they aren’t harsh. The holes were too small to use washers with the spokes though.

    I too struggled to find any 35mm inner width 29er rims. Ideally I‘d use DT Swiss for rims but they don’t do a 29er 35mm rim.

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    Not 29er or 35mm ID but really happy with the Spank Oozy Trail 345 wheelset (30mm ID) I bought for my 27.5″ hardtail two years ago now. Decent tough wheels, rate them lots, not had a single problem and barely touched them. Unlike another cheap budget well known online brant they replaced.

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    Not the right size but pacenti dl31 are great and available in 32 hole

    Premier Icon monkeyboyjc
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    I’ve recently bought some Nextie’s (but cost a fair bit).

    Premier Icon tdog
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    deffo Spanks & or Halos ime.

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