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  • ditch_jockey

    Can’t vouch for their cycling gear, but I have a selection of their mountaineering kit and it’s proved to be pretty robust and hardwearing given the hammering it’s taken this winter.


    I have one of the rainproof jackets which are £15 and its brilliant, packs up small and kept my dry during the Longleat Lionheart Sportive which was hit by snow and rain. The cut is good and it has two vents at the back to keep you cooler.

    I have two of these jerseys too. For £20 they are superb, the arms are a little thin but thats being picky given the price. Will be perfect for the cooler summer nights. I’m a 36″ waist and a 40″ chest and the Euro “L” fit fine. The blue one is a bit “Team Sky” but the red one is nice.

    No idea about their shorts, they looked ok when I saw them in the shop but I am really picky about the pads so stick with what I know is comfy and buy Castelli or Adidas shorts.


    Been using there cycling shorts and tops for years also got set of there winter bibs and have been great for last 6years.


    I’ve bought plenty of their kit for cycling, tennis, gym etc.

    For cycling I’ve had (& am still using) XC/road jerseys, lycra cycle shorts, lycra cycle tights, baggy shorts, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers.

    All have been treated to plenty of use, summer and winter, sun and mud.

    The only issue I’ve ever had was the stitching came undone on one pair of cycle shorts, but they had seen alot of use by that point.

    Comfortable fit at (usually) a cheap price – I’ll certainly buy more in the future.

    I found I need to go up a size in the shorts though (I usually wear medium, but get large in shorts)


    I have 2 pairs of their winter tights (£45 a pair iirc) and they are ace.

    They’re more expensive cycling stuff is very good, they’re cheap stuff is rubbish.


    I’ve got one of their bibs… it’s excellent! Has kept me toasty in the coldest of winters!

    I’ve also got one of their jackets I use in the winter and a few of their base layers.

    Does the job nicely 😀

    Make sure it is actually cheaper though… I’m sure you can find a few online bargains if you do some hunting

    Premier Icon kennyp

    I’ve got one of their cheap waterproof jackets. It is fairly waterproof, and a good fit, but is easily the least breathable thing I’ve ever worn. Great in winter but hopeless the rest of the year.


    Well I’m lucky enough to have a store not too far from me, looks like I;ll be taking a look in this weekend.


    Bought some of their winter bib tights with neoprene fronts for roading. Didnt like the orangey pad in them and left my man bits cold and no support, so unstitched it out and use liners, which seemed fine on the Lionheart. Their liner shorts are rubbish. I have some decent kit and yes there is a big difference, although for general riding, i would still get clothes, like for when I do slow family bike things etc from there.

    some of their more expensive stuff is good – but I am not to convinced with the chamois – I wouldn’t wear their padded stuff for more than a few hours riding.

    I have some of their winter tights with a wind proof membrane – they are brilliant but haven’t seen them do any more of them this year. i wore these on the Bearbones event in January but wore endura shorts underneath.

    I did have a look at some new shorts from there recently and the chamois looked better – but i didn’t get them because the only colour they had was white. i get told off for wearing stuff till it’s seethru as it is – that would just take it to a whole new level of wrong!


    So time has come for some new bibs, on a bit of a thrift so looking for cheaper alternatives than my gore’s they will be replacing.

    Look decent enough on the website, anyone been using them for a while?

    Also quite like some of their road/xc jerseys..

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