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  • Premier Icon hot_fiat

    You need Two things:

    Wd 1tb passport drive to drag stuff to.
    Subscription to bitcasa to back it all up.


    You can get a Western Digital 2Tb desktop with remote access for approx £150, and there’s Backblaze for offsite data backup, for around $5/month.


    I thought this would be simple but External Portable Drives, External Desktop drives, Network Drives, Solid State, Cloud ….eh? I just want a box which I can plug into the my laptop and drag all my files and photos to for storage. Can anyone recommend something? Thanks.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Storage or backup?

    If all you want is storage then a big external drive and windows backup will do it, drag/drop also available.

    Next step up is a network drive – no need for plugging it in every time as it’s there when you are on your network.

    Separate tech is cloud storage – Dropbox/google drive etc. none of the free ones will allow you enough space for a decent pic collection I pay some extra to Google for a lot of photo storage via picassa. The folder is automatically synced when it runs. Same can be done with Dropbox.

    To have a backup then the 2nd copy needs to be in a different physical location to the original.

    My personal preference would be Network storage so that stuff is accessible to everyone in the house (music/vids/pics) with cloud storage for backup.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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