Dartmoor Route Tomorrow?

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  • Dartmoor Route Tomorrow?
  • skybluestu

    Thinking of getting out tomorrow for a ride on Dartmoor. Am I mad given the current conditions? Has anyone got any all weatherish routes they can advise on? Based out near Crediton so looking for the north end ideally…

    ummm, the routes around princetown might be ok-ish, but I’d have thought most of the moor will be absolutely miserable. pretty much rained non stop for 3 weeks it feels like. Drove between Tavistock and Ashburton at xmas and there was water just flowing off all surfaces…
    wrap up warm though, ‘feels like’ temp of -4C at princetown tomorrow midday!


    I suspected as much. Didn’t count on the cold that much tomorrow though! ouch!


    You could try the first and last sections of this loop leaving out the westerly part (high and exposed moorlands). After Houndtor at Swallerton gate, just carry on up the lane to Heatree cross and finish the loop that way. Wrap up warm and give it a go, weather’s supposed to be far more settled tomorrow. Steady coming down the Nutcracker though 😀


    EDIT: Only ever ridden this loop in half-decent weather though so can’t say for certain what it’ll be like after 3 weeks of biblical rain!


    I’ll wave as I ride past on the road 😆 Cann woods etc was ridable yesterday but wouldn’t want to spend more than an hour or two on the MTB in these conditions.


    Dartmoor is foul at the moment. Was out today and yesterday. Won’t be out tomorrow unless it’s trailbuilding.
    Lustleigh cleave will be okish and sheltered but the river will be too high to cross.

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