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  • Cycling trouser for tall ladies
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    So … having convinced my better half she needs an ebike, I now have the next hurdle. She is a larger than standard lady and is a bit unwilling to get her pegs out in public.

    Any recommendations for female riding trousers for 34-inch inside leg and size 20 tummy?

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    Ladies padded shorts and blokes tights will probably work

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    There are very few ladies padded shorts that come in larger than a size 16. I’m a 16-18 and currently use mens XXXXL but then I’m not self conscious about my weight and can live with all the X’s. The fit also isn’t great but was the best I could find in several bike shops after giving up on finding size 18 ladies. I haven’t tried them yet but Fat Lad at the Back look to do a good set of womens wear in larger sizes, I’ll probably be going there for my next set.
    If your going for shorts rather than leggings the other thing to check is thigh size as lots of them cut off the circulation in my legs and I’ve ended up snipping the elastic on my last pair.

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    If you are after full trollies the Filthyrides ones are 20% off at the moment.
    £80 -20% made to measure sizing. [you need to give the measurements when you order]

    Usually I’d say use my kids 10% discount code so he gets credits but with 20% off you’re better doing that. (You can try getting 30% off using OLSTERMTB10 as well but don’t think it will work)

    Apart from kiddo being sponsored I’m genuinely saving for some for me.

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    machines for freedom do women’s cycling cloths in larger sizes (and have a specific range of bib shorts for taller women) so they might be worth a look; not sure what postage to the UK would look like though:

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    Managed to get some craghopper softshell trousers plus fat lass at the back cycling shorts. Bingo!

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