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  • fazzini


    Does anyone on here have children that attend a cycle club in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area that they would recommend? I’d like to find somewhere that my 9 yr old can go to to develop his riding, and have fun of course!


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    I dont have kids myself, but one of the guys from my regular riding group takes his kids (I think even younger than yours) to Barnesbury CC. Check out this website and get in touch with them. They are a friendly bunch!

    Barnesbury Cycling Club

    I was at a race they ran the other week and before our race there were the juniors – with some kids around the age of yours – it was great to see loads of smiling faces and there was some pretty good riding!



    my mate runs the newcastle phoenic cycle club and its mostly for kids that they cater for.


    Barnesbury do seem good with kids (and organising local events in general).

    Not seen or heard much of the phoenix lot.

    My road club does on and offroad coaching

    The other one I see around and seem to be very active is Hetton Hawks.


    Thanks for the info guys

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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