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  • Crown race compatibility – Dartmoor integrated headset
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    Hoping for a bit of help with finding a crown race that will fit my Dartmoor tapered headset.

    I am looking around and can’t see any pukka Dartmoor ones in stock anywhere. Loads on the likes of Amazon but don’t know if any good.

    Obvs it is for a tapered 1 1/8 to 1.5 inch steeper. The bottom bearing is 45 degree contact angle. The angled part of the race goes ‘all the way up’ to the steerer.

    I’m probably overthinking this, but any help gratefully appreciated.


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    For an integrated headset I think any 45deg crown race with 1.5inch diameter should fit and be functional. The head tube is essentially the bottom headset cup and is made to the standard so any race should fit? The only variable is the bearing contact angle, so you just need to make sure bearing and crown are compatible. But head tube and crown should be fine.

    If it was an internal headset then you may get incompatibility as some place the bearing deeper inside the cup than others so the bottom race has to be designed for the correct height. But you can usually do a temp bodge job and remove rubber seals that might be binding on the bottom cup to get you going again. This’ll make it easier for water and dirt to get in so I wouldn’t run it all the time like this. But if it gets you out no the trails again while you find a proper replacement then it might be worth it.

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    bought the cheapest one off CRC.

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    Cheers folks.

    I ordered one in the end that had the right looking profile and the right diameter.

    Can’t be too far wrong….?

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