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  • Premier Icon neil the wheel

    Delighted to hear you are out of the woods and thanks for the sound advice.


    Congratulations mate – crack open the bubbly, you deserve it!
    Good advice too.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Great news πŸ™‚

    Yours are wise words. I’m forever slapping the factor 50 on, however you just can’t tell some folk.


    Congratulations. Cancer is a complete **** and anyone who beats it is a star.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Nice to read something positive on here for a change. Great news.

    This is excellent news! Good for you!

    However, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Reading the title without referencing the OP’s name, I had rather hoped that this was confirmation by science that bacon cures cancer. πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Well done and a great result… chapeau to everyone that kicks cancers *rse….


    Wonderful news πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Well done, but for just a moment, I thought your thread title was a prescription. Eat lots of well done bacon and never get cancer. Really got my hopes up.

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    πŸ˜€ Cancer is s#ite

    crispy bacon

    On 15th April 2009 I was diagnosed with skin Cancer after having a mole removed from my shoulder which was later found to be a malignant melanoma & so my Cancer journey began.

    Since my diagnosis I have had another operation to harvest any residual cancerous cells resulting in a superb long zig-zag scar & over 60+ stitches (chicks dig scars). I have also had regular check ups to monitor the situation. The journey has not been without some extremely stressful & very dark times but I have been blessed with having a great team who have been there for me to explain that these feelings/emotions are normal. They have listened, sympathised & counselled me to a better place and I would like to publically thank all those individuals who have helped me on my long journey over the years, sadly not all of my team are here today to share this moment.

    Let my story be a lesson to all my STW friends. Please be very careful out in the Sun, do not get sun burnt, cover up, wear a hat & use a high SPF sun screen. If you have any irregular shaped moles, flaky/itchy moles or moles that bleed, please FFS tell your Doctor & get them checked out. I was very fortunate that my Cancer was diagnosed at an early stage & was treatable without the need for Chemo &/or Radiotherapy.

    Today 15th April 2014 I had my 16th & final check up and I am now 5 years into remission and more importantly I have now been given the ALL CLEAR!!!


    Great news Les πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Superb Mate, good on you fella!

    but for just a moment, I thought your thread title was a prescription. Eat lots of well done bacon and never get cancer. Really got my hopes up.

    me too…

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Spent a dreadful Christmas a few years back awaiting test results on some of my mole collection. I was lucky, but was so **** scared.

    Which reminds me, I need to dig out the lovely photos of my mole covered body for my 6 monthly “That one’s not changed, that’s OK, wtf did that come from, oh it’s OK it’s on this photo….” session in front of the mirror

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Good work crispy !

    (for those with kids, or who look after them – there’s a strong correlation for sunBURN as a child and melanoma, so keep ’em out of strong sunshine)

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    takes note and applauds

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Star, great news.

    crispy bacon

    Thanks for the support & i hope that everyone takes care in the sunny weather B-)


    Yeah, been there, though your scar sounds more awesome than mine! Still, frightening times and good to hear your clear. I find bbq’d bacon good.


    Nice one, Crispy.

    You make me feel all good inside…and hungry…


    Great news Bacon, good luck in the future

    fatsimon mk2

    nice one crispy bacon been there too had a mole removed from left leg and then back in 5weeks later to have more flesh removed + skin graft and apart from graft failing which i then choose to leave to heal by itself which has left me with a big scar(looks like gunshot wound so quite cool)its all been good been clear 5+3 years πŸ˜€


    However I am slightly disappointed that this wasn’t a topic about how research has proven well cooked bacon products prevent / cure cancer.


    Great news! Always nice to hear.

    I think we need to do extensive testing on this bacon cure. I am personally going to easy crispy bacon on a regular basis now just in case it works!!

    Great News!! Very happy for you and your family.

    Just shows “Cancer is a Word not a Sentence”

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Nice one sir!

    Currently on holiday in the USA, and the number of crispy people around is frightening. We’ve all got our hats, plus factor 50 sunblock, and are still pasty white πŸ™‚

    I’m the one in Endura shorts and an On-One t-shirt (a walking STW cliche)


    Great news Crispy :-).

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Congratulations πŸ™‚ Well done indeed !


    Brilliant news.
    Great to hear you got the All Clear.
    It’s so easy to put on sunscreen it’s madness not to do so.

    As someone who’s moleier than field full of moles I’ve had one removed and half a dozen are being watched just in case they get any ideas.


    found to be a malignant melanoma

    10 years ago, I was diagnosed with a melanoma on the middle of my back–same big zig/zag scar and about 60-70 stitches like Crispy. This past February, found another one on my shoulder, but caught early and was classed “in situ” so just on the surface. Had that carved off. Now back to seeing the dermatologist every 6 months.

    Mine the result of practically being outside in the sun all the time as a kid–we didn’t even know what sunscreen was. Follow that by the last 40 years living in the desert Southwest US—so can’t say I was all that surprised knowing what I know now.

    Like others have said above, really pay close attention to anything that looks unusual on your skin and don’t let it go–along with always using strong sunscreen.


    Great news crispy πŸ˜€ . But sorry good advise or not I won’t spend the rest of my life hiding from the sun.


    I expected nothing less, old friend…

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Great news.
    Maybe we will catch up for a ride round your neck of the woods afterall.


    Good news mate, another vote for Factor 50 here.

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