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  • mattsccm

    Homebase are selling something that is very similar for 6 quid. The light out put is damn near identical and thats with duracells in the aldi and cheapies that the homebase one came with.


    Just remembered. The homebase one is a Rolson so maybe else where as wwell. Red

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    @lightman: Thanks for the info re:protected/unprotected batteries, definitely worth knowing.

    I used the torch on the road last night with the 1 good battery. I was out for 2.5hrs and used it 60% medium (unlit country roads) 30% low (street-lit towns) and 10% high (fast downhill sections on unlit country roads).
    When I got back I ran it on high for about 5mins seeing how much of the neighbourhood I could light up and it was still going strong.

    Even after waiting 6 weeks for it to be delivered and with one duff battery and one optimistically labelled battery I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got for UNDER ELEVEN POUNDS!

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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