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  • Creating a techy loop @ Afan
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    As above, I’m looking at a 3 day trip to South Wales in June 2022 and have BPW / FOD planned for 2 of the days. Looking for a big ish 1st day at Afan – up to 1250m of climbing and max 40km I’d imagine.

    I’ve ridden a few of the on-piste trails but a mate coming with me has ridden at of them before. I’ve heard you can tag some other unofficial kind of stuff on to some of the trail centre – near the telegraph poles or something like that?

    Wondered if anyone has any ideas – we like flow and a bit of tech. BPW we’ll ride blues / reds / red+ normally – but I have an urge to try a black and see how that is. Some of the big drops are the main things that put me off there. FOD will be pretty much exploring off-piste stuff all day in various areas.

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