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  • Surely part of the reason is probably the way google searches their site?

    Type 27.2 thompson post into google shopping and click on the CRC link if it’s cheepest. They don’t really need a front page anymore, just a load of product pages.

    Just to place a different view. I ordered some mudguards Friday afternoon about 3ish. With free posting it was signed for at 9.01 at the office this morning.

    which would be impressive if it werent for the fact CRC used to have de-facto next day free delivery, they were so quick at turning orders around. As a long-term customer I’ve lost count of the number of orders that I’ve had from them next-day, I also cant remember the last time this happened it was so long ago.

    The cynic would say theyve slowed the process down to push paid-for next-day, except that service seems chaotic and worse than free, and I think its partly down to them now having multiple warehouse locations. Again, they are better than a year ago but not back to their best; my last order (single item) was ordered monday afternoon received wednesday morning, last year they were taking 5 days just to dispatch.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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