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  • unovolo

    With regard to my previous post the issue I had was chain rub when cranking.
    No chain rub with deore Octalinks prior to the middleburns and non afterwards when switched cranks again to some ext BB cranks.

    Its very possible that the chainrings themselves were flexing but as these too were Middleburns its still not a great advert for them.
    I really wanted to like them but theres no way I could put up with the flex were ever it was originating from.

    Regards power output ,figures don’t always tell the full story,take Mark Cavendish for example his peak power output is nothing like Andre Greipels.
    So on paper Greipel should be the faster sprinter,but as most people will have seen Cav has outsprinted him on numerous occassions.


    Won’t a hollow crank always be stiffer than a scalloped one (like the Middleburn’s) for a given weight and material?

    Bending moments and all that stuff:

    I’ve always assumed that the reason that only Shimano make hollow cranks is because (until recently) they held the patent and wouldn’t license it to people like Middleburn.

    Whether you can feel the difference is another question. I prefer the Shimano cranks that replaced my Middleburns, but then I also changed from ISIS to HTII.

    clubber – Member

    Absolutely but it was the nature of guesswork that suprised me. As I said, it works but it’s not a very effective way compared to what they could have done.
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    Arguably not, FEA has only really been available to normal people in recent years. The Pace XC bikes used square tubes because it was easier to model than round tubes so they could do it without the aid of a supercomputer!

    Even stuff like Aeroplanes wasn’t properly designed on computers until the newest generation (A380 / dreamliner).

    There’s no way a small bike components company in the early 90’s would have had access to it. The RS3 was about ’94, the RS7 was essentially a forged +machined RS3, and the RS8 is a more machined RS7.

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    Won’t a hollow crank always be stiffer than a scalloped one ..

    Should be yes. I’ve not looked up the crank-only weights, was hoping that the Middleburn design was stiff but no probs if a bit heavier than an XT. If they’re light I’d prob give them a miss. Off to weightweenies then (feeling wrong already) edit, WW listings are a bit outdated.

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