County rivalries?

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  • County rivalries?
  • MrSparkle

    I am a proud Lancashire lad and veryaware of the ‘wars of the Roses’ thang with that bunch o’er th’ill in Yarkshire. However, i was wondering if there are any other big rivalries in the country? Do Devonites hate Cornwallians? Sussex v Essex?


    Gloucester Rugby club have a massive rivalry with Bristol.

    Makes for a fantastic atmosphere at Kingsholm.

    Im from the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border areas and TBH dont really sense any kind of rivalry, more of an “English county” compatability. Much the same history, culture and common objectives (we all hate the Welsh…:) kidding!) with just enough variation to keep things entertaining.


    I dont get all this. I’m a proud lancashire lad but to be quite honest I couldnt give a flying tat about yorkshire etc. Mind you, I hate team sports and the whole rivalry thing anyway.

    And I am Yorkshire born and bred – but I don’t ‘hate’ people from Lancashire or even mildly dislike them.

    My dad was a Yorkshireman (born and bred Knaresborough like myself) but supported Manchester United.

    Two of my best friends are originally from Bolton.

    I just cannot understand why anyone would dislike someone based on where they are from.

    I also have incurred the wrath of fellow Leeds fans when I have refused to ‘Stand up if you hate Manyuu’ at matches.

    Imbeciles, all off them.

    Essex boy here. Sussex??? Why would we care about them?

    Suffolk on the other hand, well it’s just one big extended family really. They’re good at swimming though – it’s the webbed feet



    I’m from Kent and so being one of our neighbours are the French……does that count???

    Nothing against them, they are just French and therefore….. well 😥

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Another born an bred Lancashire boy from Bromley Cross now exiled in God’s own country. Some Scots I know take this sort of thing to a level that makes the Yorkshire/Lancashire thing look like tiddly winks.

    According to some Glaswegians, all Edinburgh ladies wear fur coats with no knickers etc. etc…….

    And do you know anyone from dirty Gala?


    Oi you, I’m from Dirty Gala! so watch it.

    (actually I’m originally from Peebles, but have been in Gala for years. I even got called a Pailmerk the other week by a Jap, which was nice, made me feel like I belonged!)

    Re England, I lived in Leeds for 10 years and always felt it was more a north vs south dislike/rivalry they had rather than Yorks/Lancs. Apart from hating Scumchester United obviously.


    we get it in Wales the strange scarlets fans and their “west is best” bollox!:wink:

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I live in Derbyshire, cover half the county, but my office base is in Nottingham.

    I have a large poster of “British Sheep Breeds” next to my desk, some toy sheep next to my monitor, and when they require me to wear a tie, it has sheep on it.

    What makes you think there is any rivalry – except I’m surrounded by gun-toting buffoons who think you need a passport to go beyond Ikea…..

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    Im from the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border areas and TBH dont really sense any kind of rivalry, more of an “English county” compatability.

    What?! You haven’t been talking to those weird people “over the hill” in Herefordshire, have you?! Ewwwwww…


    I’ve nothing against Hobbits phiiiil…..

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