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  • Couldn't Pass on this deal to Replace the Hustler
  • mk1fan

    Been mussing about replacing the Hustler for a while now. Tried a Mega AM over the last weekend in Les Gets and loved it but a bit too much overall.

    This was on offer at CRC –

    Crappy phone picture.

    Trip to CyB at the end of the month maywell be the Hustler’s swan song.


    I’d been looking at that on CRC, still a couple left. Hmmmmmmm


    me too, to replace the current one (around BB Pivot) (don’t think the missus would like that), nonetheless why so cheap, is there a new version on the horizon?


    Nice… funnily enough having had 2 Hustlers, then a Fritzz and more recently a Mega, I flogged the Mega and went back to another Hustler. Just betterer, but for the 30.0 seatpost.


    I think CRC are no longer going to be selling Cove.

    Used to have an ‘old’ G-Spot too. Was too big (medium) but brilliant. Had a Float shock rather than the coil and a dropper post. Just a wiskar over 30lbs.

    The current ones (2013) do have larger seat posts. And I think the Shocker DH has gone 1.5 headtube and continuous seat ttube as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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