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  • 26 FS to a 29 HT and now thinking of going back to 26 FS..anyone done it?
  • Premier Icon latham2104
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    I know its boring, but i’m in a right “do i/don’t i” situation. Sold my 26 FS Stumpy a year ago and jumped on the 29er bandwagon riding a Cotic Solaris. I’m now seriously thinking about going back to a 26 FS. As such, thought i seek the STW consensus…

    I really like the Solaris (and the Cotic brand), but miss the ‘pop’ of an FS. I ride mainly Chiltern singletrack, Bracknell/Swinley with a couple of trips to Wales a year.

    Not sure of the benifit of a 29er FS for what i ride, and if we are honest the Cotic is probably perfect for what i do, but at the end of every ride it just feels like i haven’t had as much fun as when on a 26 FS.

    Probably look at a Zesty/Camber/EX 8 and the like.

    All constructive comments welcome.

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    latham2104 wrote:

    i haven’t had as much fun as when on a 26 FS.

    That’s all the matters from your post 🙂

    Premier Icon prawny
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    Isn’t that kind of the point of a 29er, they’re faster and easier, more practical and sensible. Mmmm lovely beige slacks 😆

    Premier Icon robbieh
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    To me fun is the most important factor . If you feel that you,d get more from a 26er then that’s right for you. You can always change again later. Don,t be led by what the stw trendies think.

    Premier Icon NormalMan
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    prawny – Member
    Isn’t that kind of the point of a 29er, they’re faster and easier, more practical and sensible. Mmmm lovely beige slacks

    Great analogy, although perhaps elastic waistband jeans suits 😉 Ohh so comfy but down with them yoofs in that there denim!

    Sorry, it just got my warped sense of humour going. Taxi!

    Premier Icon Mostly Balanced
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    Why should you only have one bike?
    Have one of each and use whichever one the riding or mood dictates.

    Premier Icon paddyanddre1978
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    This is exactly what I am planning to do….although I am hoping to convert a spark, epic or whatever I decide upon to 650B. I just prefer the handling/standover of a smaller wheeled FS and hopefully it will still retain some of the rolling characteristics from the 650B conversion. 😀

    Premier Icon Candodavid
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    Ride a little bit harder and faster, see if you can reach a higher level on what you have first

    Premier Icon klumpy
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    I keep thinking I want a 26er rigid (29er fork for slackness) with huge bald tyres, motocross handlebar and no front brake. It’d be rubbish, but I bet the smiles would never end.

    Go for what’s fun!

    Premier Icon rhayter
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    My 29er hard tail is the most ‘playful’ bike I’ve owned in 23 years of riding. But I’d agree with Mostly Balanced… the right number of bikes is always N+1.

    Premier Icon uselesshippy
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    I bought a swift, then 6 months later bought a fsr.evo.
    Still ride the swift, and I love it, it’s just different.

    Premier Icon Frankers
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    Don’t think it’s a wheel size thing…..

    Though I do have more fun riding my FS (29″) in the summer

    Premier Icon johnnystorm
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    I went 26″ camber to 29″ hardtail and now I’m settled on a 29er FS (spearfish). Best of both worlds.

    Premier Icon prawny
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    Mostly balanced is correct of course. I would love a sensible beige slacks type 29er but I’d not want to be without a fun bike whatever the wheel size.

    Premier Icon singlecrack
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    Well …if its fun you’re after …you need to get yourself a Fat bike ….HTH

    Premier Icon takisawa2
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    I went:-
    26″ SS HT + 26″ FS
    26″ FS + 29″ SS HT
    29″ HT
    29″ HT + 26″ FS.

    Riding one makes me appreciate the other.
    If I had to get rid of one the FS would go though.

    Premier Icon dobiejessmo
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    I have a 29er hardtrail and on open going its faster than a 26″er.But never ridden a 29er full suss.But do have 26″er full susses which are great fun so why change them?.Look at an EX8 great bike,brilliant all rounder.

    Premier Icon vondally
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    as above what makes you smile……

    I have a full suss 160 mm 26er but my 95 mm 29er makes me smile more, possibly faster more stable and pretty decent in the twisty stuff fallen off the 29er more …….trying too hard and pushing on….makes me smile hence time for the 160 to go

    if you can afford both have both

    Premier Icon oldfart
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    So wanna swap the Solaris for a Spicy ? E Mail me at

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Don’t dismiss 650, it’s for 29″ owners who want to drop back but not admit that 26″ was good.

    Premier Icon supercarp
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    If you like cotic why not get a rocket then?

    Premier Icon br
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    This time though keep the Cotic for when you change your mind… 🙂

    Premier Icon latham2104
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    Thanks for the comments and posts – unfortunatly it’s not made the decion any easier 😀

    I has going to sell the Cotic to fund the other purchase, but will take the hit for a couple of months and run both for the time being and see which one prevails.

    Premier Icon dmorts
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    I have one of each. For trips to Wales I prefer the 26 FS. Swinley both 29er and 26 are good. But for other more natural trails in the same area I prefer 26 FS (and when I had one, 26 HT) though…

    I ride the 29er through the winter and, with skinny tyres, on the road.

    Maybe get an expensive 26 (650B even) FS fun bike then have a cheaper 29er HT as a backup workhorse? On One Scandal? or Inbred?

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez
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    I had a similar dilemma. I solved it with a Singular Buzzard. It’s about the most fun bike I’ve owned and is more playful than plenty of 26in bikes. Yelli Screamy, Kona Honzo, that new Niner are also worth a look …

    Premier Icon mattjg
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    ^^ what he says

    don’t do nuffink until you’ve tried a no-compromise fun 29er HT like a Yelli Screamy or Buzzard. They’re keepers.

    Premier Icon buzz-lightyear
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    Klumpy mate: get a krampus

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