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  • Could Strava incriminate?
  • No, speed limits only apply to motorised vehicles, not bikes.

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    Must be a GPS error officer.


    I wasnt on the road i was on the pavement.

    Segment near me through a 20 zone is up in the 40s.

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    There was an article in one of the London papers a while ago saying the usual shit about dangerous riding, cyclists “racing” on the highway etc and it used a few examples from Strava saying about the KOM on various London streets being higher than the speed limit blah blah.

    Then a researcher went out and showed how easy it was for Strava to be fooled by GPS errors, especially over very short distances.

    I don’t think there’s ever been a case in the UK where Strava use has been cited in court as cause of an accident has there? I mean I know people post on here moaning about Strava warriors straightlining corners on trails but even that is hard to prove – people have been doing that since way before the internet!

    Edit: here it is

    41 mph? The Evidence Against the Sunday Times Article


    Strava says I ran a mile, uphill, in 45 seconds. I also apparently jumped from the summit of one hill and back again in a second, a leap of maybe half a mile.

    Should the Olympic scouts be using Strava to find the athletes of tomorrow?

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    The GPS is so inaccurate, it’d be pretty ridiculous to use it in law. It’s even pretty ridiculous to use it for strava.


    Depends just how rapey you’ve been


    Just looking at some segments on my commute rides and it occurred to me that I’ve been speeding,
    Raises the question could the police use this publicly available information to throw the book at Strava users?

    Regardless weather I’m on a bicycle or not it’s considered a road traffic offence to speed, car or bicycle.


    I was wondering this when looking at my 60km road ride home this week.
    The KOM averages in excess of 90kmh.. above the variable speedlimit of 60/80 and 90 over that one stretch of road.
    I’d like to think the traffic cops aren’t lurking on strava to catch motorisits who’ve left strava on.


    Strava gave me an average speed of 500mph or so when I went for a quick razz in the woods near me and somehow went to Belgium whilst I was out. But it was when the ‘dirt search’ competition was on last summer, and according to that I logged zero miles on road out of my 560 mile ride, so I can’t have been speeding officah!
    I always wondered about trespassing really. Not being on a bike on a footpath but being somewhere with no rights of way at all, or worse (thinking railway or mod land sort of stuff)

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